Saturday, October 31, 2009

indoctrinate early

every family needs to have words to live by, a proclamataion to hold them together and to unify them. at the casa de simpson, we have such a proclamation.

1. we indoctrinate early
2. we don't pay full price.
3. we don't cheer for florida, utah or tennessee, which brings us to sublaw 3.1. we don't wear orange and blue together and we make a concerted effort to wear black and red together.
4. we don't like cats.
5. the name ronald reagan is spoken in hushed, reverent tones.
6. we take halloween seriously.

i'm in charge of costumes:

thomas is in charge of pumpkins:


avenger of messes,

lightning quick folder of laundry,

human receptacle of rejected lunches, cast-off jackets, socks and partially-licked candy.

superchic machine washable superhero uniform known for it's bionic stretchy waist band to hold in not so bionic mom stomach, booger and snot proof cape, arch supportive sneaks for leaping over incredible messes, and classy/flashy truth seeking mask that burns through lying children's souls.

be afraid. be very afraid.


Jessica said...

hahahahha. love it. i always think of you on halloween. and i always think of a particular halloween in college when you were dressed like cleopatra and crashed a certain murder mystery party. in fact i almost called you today to reminisce. those were the days.

the kids look adorable, and i love that you get thomas to dress up with all of y'all as well.

happy halloween!

Paula said...

Heidi-you would be so proud of me. Even though I didn't dress up (sorry I am 9 months pregnant and didn't fee like it) I did get Lydia a costume-ALL BY MYSELF. I guess it took becoming a mom to have me start liking this crazy holiday you love so much. Very cute costumes and family by the way.

Katy said...

that is so awesome.

Becca said...

You rock, Batmom.

The High Family- said...

I love the multitude of Heidi costumes! I like a girl that knows how to switch it up. You are lookin fab as always!

MissRochelle said...

You are hilarious. Cry me a flippin river.

Merilee said...

Theme costuming. Love it.

I am also glad you hear you understand the importance of indoctrinating early. I'll try to remember that in the later days, when I form my own family.