Wednesday, September 23, 2009

doing what comes naturally

great things occurred this past weekend. me and the old man loaded up and headed down to fayetteville, arkansas to watch georgia kick the snot out of arkansas. one thing was for certain. if i ever have to hear 70,000 hillbillies yell, "sooie pig!" again in my life, it will be too soon.
i took a gratuitious amount of self-portraits. picture taking annoys thomas to death, but he obliged me on a few occasions. ps- i was having a KILLER hair day until it started raining. and then we had to walk 17 miles in search of a restaurant that we never found and i don't believe actually exists. that's what we get for getting directions from an arkansas fan. perhaps he thought i said trough?
we sat on the second to top row in the tip toppiest section of the stadium. we could almost see kansas city from our vantage point.
one thing occurred to me while we watched this game. thomas and i are not the same people we were when we met. some things will always stay the same, like me not liking to hear his uninspired opinions on what i am wearing and the fact that he will NEVER EVER in a million gabillion years listen to my excellent opinions on his fashion choices. one big change is the fact that i actually know what is going on on the football field about 90% of the time. i used to pester thomas mercilessly with questions about the game at completely inappropriate times. pretty soon he will be asking me my opinions about why i prefer a passing game to running the ball and why it irks me to no end that terrell owens doesn't get the credit he deserves. another big change has been temperament. thomas has always been the one who has had plenty to say to loudmouth jerky fans who sit around us at games and i was always the one concerned about not offending other people, even if they were super rude to us. but at this game, thomas sat (mostly) calm and made friends with a few of the arkansas fans around us while i had to bite my tongue until i tasted blood several times(and let one comment slip) when filthy, expletive-laden comments were directed towards me and my choice of team. the next thing you know, that whole TV thing is going to finally catch on and kids will travel to school on hoverboards and goldie wilson will take night classes and become mayor of hill valley(movie anyone?). will wonders never cease?

my darling thomas, happier than a jackass with a mouthful of briars. i love this picture so much that i think i am going to add it to my wall of fame pictures in my living room. i think this will make an excellent 16x20.
i was just as happy as thomas was because i knew we were headed to get some victory ice cream. i actually consumed ice cream on three different occasions that weekend. a delicious vanilla cone from mcdonald's on the way down, a small tub of cookies and cream in the car on the way back to the hotel after the game, and i consumed enough ice cream at my mom's house to feed a small army of kindergartners. i like football almost as much as i like ice cream.

sooie pig indeed.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

That movie reference was so obvious, I'm going to leave it to someone else to answer.

Also, what's up with the t-shirt and scarf? Was the scarf more for look and less for warmth? Is this a new trend I need to embrace? I see Big T was in a long sleeve shirt - were you just too fired up at Razorback fans that you had to lose the jacket? Wannabe fashionists NEED to know!

Merilee said...

I watched that movie yesterday. Very nice. I enjoyed the pig comments...but they didn't seriously yell that did they? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I've finally joined the world of blogging, but only because I had to for one of my classes.
I miss you guys!
love, Mark

Meredith said...

You. Are. Hilarious.

Nathan and Joy Bogart said...

Oh, Heidi...

I once declared the pig call beneath me, but once I started to shell out thousands of dollars to this said university, so my dear hubby can sue everyone around us, I embraced the pig. And I ate it, too... Hope you had fun in my little home away from home!

Joy (Miskimins) Bogart

Rocketgirl said...

I agree. That picture needs to be blown up, it's fantasmical. Also, you know what's happening?! How on earth did you figure it out?? I swear, the rules of football the dumbest ever invented. Downs? Why don't they just run in one direction until they get a homerun??

Livin' Single said...

fantastic post. whenever you do anything, even if it is something i would not normally consider a fun time, you describe it in such a way that makes it completely desirable to me. you are so funny!
p.s. do you remember the time that dad broke his ribs when we were playing family football and i ran toward him? that was terrible.
p.p.s. i have learned not to interrupt thomas during a football game, and now it annoys me when people interrupt, too.

JennyMac said...

this cracked me up...sorry the killer hair day was undermined.

And I went to one game involving sooie pig. And I too hope to never hear that sound again. LOL.