Monday, April 06, 2009

break it down again(no more sleepy dreaming)

conference weekend is one of my favorite weekends a year. for real. general conference is the biannual meeting of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. it is broadcast from the conference center in salt lake city, utah to churches, stake centers and homes and on the internet to people all around the world. it is nothing short of complete awesomenes. a long cool drink of spiritual refreshment.

conference saturday breakdown:
8am saturday- wake up with almost no voice. it is barely below a squeak and just above a whisper. make the BEST WAFFLES ever for breakfast. seriously. homemade waffles are the bomb dot com and are totally worth the minimal effort. i can never go back to bisquick again.
9am- laze about the house doing chores and cleaning syrupy faces.
10am-peruse for new curtain ideas on the internets. discover the "perfect" panels.
11am-start watching the saturday morning session of conference.

i must admit that i wasn't listening to most of elder hale's talk. i was sitting in my recliner, positioned for listening to the speakers, but my mind and my eyes were staring at the window. the day before i had gotten the motivation i needed to take down the awful curtains in our living room. i have disliked them from day 1, but i haven't done anything about them because that would require decision making and i am not a home decor decision maker. however, something elder's hales said struck a chord with me. he said quoting 2 Nephi 10:51,

"Wherefore, do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy. Hearken dlilgently unto me, and remember the words which i have spoken; and come unto the Holy One of Israel and feast upon that which perisheth not, neither be corrupted..."

oh, gee. i tried my best to ignore that admonishment. i don't consider myself a greedy person, but i certainly do love to get new things. so, i pondered a bit more about it. and then this morning i put the sheers of the old curtains back up. let's not get crazy. i'm not about to put the gloomy, dreadful brown curtains of death back up, but i can at least put up with plain cream sheers for a while, or until my dream curtains are clearanced. perhaps i can get them for my birthday.(in t-minus 22 days.)
LESSON LEARNED-you can never get enough of what you don't need.

6:30pm-while the menfolk went to the Priesthood session of conference, my mother and i go shopping for an upcoming birthday. (whose birthday you ask? my birthday! april 28th, remember?)

9:30pm-WAAAAY after bedtime, scarlett and i bonded over ice cream. straight from the carton. a pair of pants i want so badly to fit, did not and i needed to nurse my ego back to health with some ice cream straight from the carton. it was a wonderful way to spend time with my darling daughter. and a terrific habit for her to develop!


Carie said...

I love, love, love General Conference. My favorite talk was Elder Holland - Atonement.

ice cream is the perfect solution for pants that don't fit.

Jessica said...

first off -- love the mother-daughter bonding going on.

second off -- i didn't actually hear this talk yet (although i've heard much about it), but i remember back in the good old days of my college youth reading that verse of scripture and feeling the guilty pangs that perhaps my tanning salon membership was not quite "worth" spending my money on. it took me quite a bit longer to actually forsake the fake n bake, so kudos to you for your timely response with the sheers. you are an inspiration -- in so many ways!

Becca said...

Lest I forget . . .


Thanks for sharing some Conference memories. Elder Hales' and Holland's talks were my favorites. I can hold off on getting those new pair of jeans a little longer.

Valoree said...

Scarlet's eyes are so pretty! I can't wait to have bonding moments like that with Evan!

Jess said...

I WAS THERE!! First time ever at General Conference in person!! It was great! I agree...Elder Holland was my favorite. But, President Monson's "Fear Not. Be of Good Cheer. The Future is as Bright as Your Faith" really struck a chord with me....LOVED IT!!