Tuesday, April 28, 2009

29 is divine

1999- provo, utah. opening birthday presents with my mom at my grandma's house during my freshman year of college.

2009-leaning on a kitchen counter that i scrubbed clean in my own house next to a cake that i made with my own two hands. red velvet with a brownie layer in the middle with cream cheese frosting and melted chocolate chips on top.
happy birthday to me!

being that birthdays are a time to reflect i made a short list of lesson's i've learned:

1.make sure you know the exact time a final exam is given. even if it is only your aerobics class final. having to retake an aerobics class is a little embarassing.

2. looking good really is the best revenge.

3. marry the guy who tells you that you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. that should be a no-brainer. don't waste any time at all on the guy who says that you need plastic surgery on your perfectly adorable nose.

4. forgive yourself for dating so many losers.

5. if one bowl of ice cream is good, then a second bowl is always twice as delicious.

6. diaper changing is an art form.

7. it's not against the law to like yourself. it actually feels pretty good. flaws and all.


Emily C said...

Happy Birthday Heidi Dear!!

that cakes sounds mouth watering good!!! and a layer of brownie to boot!! brizilliant!

Jeanette said...

Hello, Heidiwood, this is Mercutio (Marianna) :)

I was going to make you a barfday card that said "HAPPY BARFDAY!" with the barfday cake you and your sister made, but then I got sick...and I could have literally made you a barf cake because..well, you know.

I have never been 29 before but tell me if it is superspecialawesome or not. And you still have not blogged about the night of anus injuries and vrooming! But, that is okay...for now. Just kidding~

Happy Birthday! Or as they say in japanese, "Tanjoubi Omedetou!"


Ryan and Julianne said...

#'s 4, 5, 6 = my favorites.

And who the crapper told you you need surgery on your perfectly lovely nose? What an idiot.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi!!

Nicole said...

love ya girl!!! Happy Birthday!! You're so smart!! ;)

Nicole said...

Oh and did I mention how you look Fabulous! Even better than at 19!!! ARe you getting younger every year? ;)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I love your list...especially #4...still work on that one...:)

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Man, I wanted to read more lessons learned! Those were great. And can I get a HELL yes to #3? Sorry for the language, but seriously. That, among many other things, always REALLY irritated me about he-who-should-never-be-named-because-he-annoyed-he-so-much-and-was-such-an-idiot.

You are a fabulous friend and an amazing person. Your friendship is a priceless addition to my life. Here's to being 29! Only one more year (or 8 months for me) until we are 30, flirty and fabulous! :-)

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday! I love your blog, I love your pictures, I love YOU! Thanks for keeping me entertained at work :) And, might I add, you look fantastic!! (you always do)

amanda said...

I love you girl! And Happy Birthday! That cake sounds so good. I'm drooling.
I've always thought your nose is adorable.

becky said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday! You don't look a day older than 19. :)

I'm writing your lessons learned in my diary on the page titled, "Heidi is awesome and smart: Do what she says."

Becca said...

Happy birthday, Heidi! That cake looks and sounds delicious. I'm drooling. A brownie layer? Cream cheese frosting? Genius, pure culinary genius. (Though I may need to sample a slice to verify my assessmet ;)

btw, We found a sitter last night and had a wonderful time. I'm glad you had a good time with family. Thank you for being you and sharing some of your life lessons. I like you too.

Merilee said...

Wow, that cake is calling to me. Brownies in the middle huh?

Life lessons- were amazing. I'm always impressed by the poignancy of your blog posts.

Can I add an amen to #3. When boys started telling me about their blonde dream girls I quit them.

Paula said...

I really enjoyed the life lessons and thought #4 was a good one. I am still trying to get to the looking good/revenge part, but you look good Heidi.

I know you enjoyed your cake but with my current condition just reading the description make me a little sick inside.

The High Family- said...

Oh Heidi, you need to post more. It makes me happy. Happy belated birthday. I think you are hot and looking super skinny! Could you share your beautiful girl secrets with we little people?