Monday, April 20, 2009


about the time that big T and i were married, he commented that my family has it's own language. he has labeled it beckspeak. at first i balked at the idea. pshaw! everyone speaks like us! we are just a normal family with normal terminology. however, after having to explain to big T the definition of several commonly used words and phrases, i realized that we truly had created our own language. sort of like j.r.r. tolkien and his lord of the rings elf language, but WAY more useful. if you are a beck kid, you have certain words in your vocabulary that make sense to only you and other beck kids. you may not use this language everyday, but if you are around another sibling, these colorful words and phrases will pepper your vernacular. for your reading enjoyment:
the beckspeak dictionary and phrase book! family photo edition

car fix-it-place- autobody shop
hair cutter place- salon
hangabur- hamburger

frosted mini wheats cereal- frosted bullets

kix cereal- moth balls

grapes- tooters

ticky- a ticket

jacky- a jacket

poopface- a term of endearment

jerkface- we don't like someone, but we don't want to be too mean(adding the suffix softens the blow)

TB- tired bottom. as in, " wow, i totally have TB from sitting in the car for 6 hours."

ookalaki- word of unknown meaning and origin. used by my brother david on many occasions. a multi-purpose word for when nothing else works.


olive juice- i love you

stink pot city- something smells horrible, also, my sister heather's nickname.

happy bird day- sort of like your birthday but not your actual birth day(thomas contributed this one so he's not completely immune from beck speak.)

hello tokyo?- the action of grabbing the nearest phone and asking the person on the other line if they also felt a rumble. almost always associated with embarassing a person who has just passed gas.

who popped the popcorn?- also a gas related question.

now we're cooking with gas!- not flatulence related, a phrase that means we are finally getting things done, also, everyone is understanding the concept.

whooo doggy!- attention! i have just heard good news. something pleases me.


jerkface mitchell- neighbor two houses down who always yelled at my brothers for walking on his grass.

the boob- mr. bubalo. a neighbor and teacher at the local high school.

roboblob- mr. robichaud. the orchestra and band teacher at the local high school. 4/5 beck kids experienced class with this man. none of those kids still play band or orchestra instruments.

the leep- mr. leeper. junior high band teacher. he claimed that he "yelled because he cared". he once yelled at me so bad that i went and cried in my locker. i never even had a class from the man.

chrispix- neighbor kid with an unfortunate name.

stan the man- a neighbor who was also a living cigarette. he smoked probably 5 packs a day. he had a ferret named budweiser. it was impossible for him to mow the lawn without taking off his shirt.

the naked guy- neighbor who was completely unaware that his windows were open and that kids were playing outside while he was changing his clothes.

wuff faced lady- a neighbor who resembled a wolf. and some of the neighbor kids couldn't say wolf and it came out wuff.

don't you wish that you spoke beckspeak too?


Rachel said...

Just wanted to let you know that Beckspeak infiltrated the Bahr home, and now the Connett home. Popping Popcorn isn't a good things around here. We've been using that phrase for years and years thanks to the Becks.

Sarah Beck said...

Wow--this post is so true...except how could you possible think the Beck family is like any other normal family? :)

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

What about "chicken boobs"? Or is that just Heidispeak?

Those were all classic. Hello Tokoyo is especially funny in person.

Jess said...

I am in love with your green dress.

Merilee said...

Mr. Leeper once made me cry in class. My mom told me I could quit band so I wouldn't torture HIM anymore. Hah. Still, that was the best day of my life, when I found I wouldn't have to take band again.

Leigh Collins said...

I've got a little something for you on my blog so check it out when you get a chance!

Nicole said...

love them all!! Quite a dictionary.. Poor Thomas! HOw did he ever catch on! ;)

Emily C said...

i olive your pretty green dress!!!

p.s. we saw fast and the furious on opening night, and i couldn't help but think of you and the gang!!

Jeppson Clan said...

that was one of the first things i loved about you when you moved here, you came with your very own language. plus you are awesome, what's there not to love? :)
i also love the picture of you and big T at the bottom. so cute!

Becca said...

Nice way to work in the Easter photos without an "Easter" post. Very clever. (Can I just say that Easter is quickly becoming my most favorite holiday?)

Jessica said...

in our family TB=butt lock. hahahahaha.

it would have been fun growing up next to your family...

Elizabeth said...

Ha...I totally relate to this post! :)