Monday, April 06, 2009

4 score and 36 cupcakes ago

a birthday was had.

candles were lit

guests were invited

games were played

prizes were fished for

cupcakes were consumed. smiles all around
and tons and tons of buttercream frosting was consumed over a 2 week period.
these were for his school friends/primary class party:

and these created for his preschool class(i stayed up WAY too late watching step up whilst making them. but totally worth it. that movie is high school/dancing/criminal record genius. it's like watching girls just want to have fun, boyz in the hood and strictly ballroom all at once.)

and this for his grandparent's party at chuck e cheese(plumber pant heaven). do you see the theme? reagan is afraid of snakes, but wanted a snake birthday cake. sssss

and of course this wacky one for heather just because i can't resist a cookie cake with an embarassing childhood nickname.

should i start a baking business? mediocre cakes by heidi? imperfect pastry perfection? contemptable delectables? artery clogging cakes?

the day of reagan's joint birthday school friends/primary friends extravaganza, weather started like this:
and then progressed to this:

it was great. we all love snow. in spring. when we should be wearing adorable gold metallic gladiator sandals. that were purchased WAY back in january. in the hopes that warm weather may come soon. hurray for winter. hurry back. we need more reasons to cry that we couldn't have our easter egg hunt outside. when only the weekend before it had been 70 degrees. i love a good practical joke mother nature!!! haha, you got us good!!!

adios from some fun moms:


amanda said...

When I saw you had posted, I said "yay!" out loud. Just thought you should know.

You are such a fun(ny) girl. Wish we were closer so you could make me a giant cookie cake. And then I would make one for you.

lrbodine said...

I am impressed with the cupcake and cake decorating! Mine never turn out that cute.

Jessica said...

mmmmmmmm...buttercream frosting...i'm sitting here eating a bowl full, myself and it is oh so delicious.

i love all the cupcakes, and it looks like reagan's birthday was the bomb extraordinaire. i can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your own celebration later this month...

Nicole said...

I can't believe it's been another year! Crazy!! Happy B-day Reagan! The cakes and cupcakes were superb, loved the grass!!!

Becca said...

I love the cakes and the fishing tarp. It looks like you throw one mean party.

Angie said...

I love the fishing for prizes idea for the birthday party. What a cute idea. I can't believe Regan is already 4. I think I will cry when Ella turns 4. Hopefully by her birthday in July the weather will be warmer. :-)

Jeppson Clan said...

thanks to you and jess for doing all the work on that party. i was happy to contribute the fishing rod, and MORE cupcakes. glad we're not doing cupcakes for the preschool party...

Lisa Lamb said...

sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun! how have you been? it's been so long. I found your blog on Christine May's blog so I thought I'd say Hi!

The High Family- said...

Wow, look at you rockstar mom. He looks so happy. The cupcakes and cake look so cute. About the weather, gotta love Mo. Be glad you don't live in Idaho, it really does snow in the summer.

Merilee said...

I agree with the last 50 responses, you are a super mom. Way to go! Way to keep running, even though it's snowing. It's nice to see pictures with Heather in them. I never hear from her. She must be in hiding because of that nickname.