Monday, December 22, 2008

your quotient of quotables

since i have been completely busy this past month, but not with anything really blog worthy, i will give your a snapshot into some of our recent activities. consider yourselves lucky.

BYU played utah. we watched it. i made these cupcakes to share my feelings about utah. unfortunately, they were more explanatory of how BYU played in the 4th quarter.

we have had a few family dinners at my parent's house. that is one of the best perks of moving near family, sunday dinner at the grandparents house. plus, heather and i like to have pictures of ourselves taken, so naturally, there was an impromptu photo shoot. best yet, i am wearing my sweater cape. i love it. they're not just for hippies and teenagers.

unfortunately,(or fortunately, if that's how you choose to look at it. i'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.) something smelled really bad as we were taking this picture.

heather, katie and i ran the sprint thanksgiving day turkey trot 5k. it was really cold and i ran really slow and i was mad at myself for the rest of the day. heather and katie ran fast and i hated them for the rest of the day. also, i lost my ipod about 6 months ago so i ran in silence. heather is showing you that she is number 1.

heather made a special birthday cake for a deal, sweet friend of ours. too bad the cake turned out looking like barf on a plate. happy barfday. i hope she wasn't offended. heather really did try hard.

big T and i took the kids to kaleidescope one saturday. regular season college football is over so our saturdays are suddenly wide open. before this picture was taken, this comment may have been said:
big T- "now don't get offended when i ask you this, but, don't you think you dress like a teenager sometimes???"

i have no comment for that.

we had an official-school-is-cancelled-don't-leave-your-house-or-you-will-risk-certain-death-snow-day last week. so i immediately jumped in my car and spent the day at my mom's house. i love having 4-wheel drive.
missouri snow is not like beautiful, soft, mountain snow. missouri snow is the kind of snow that sits on top of a sheet of ice and tricks you into thinking it is fun and safe. you run outside in your snowsuit and boots and attempt to play in the frosty delight while unbeknownst to you, pain and destruction are lingering around every corner and on every surface. if you thought the treadmill massacre was bad, imagine me walking down the driveway. and if you look toward the sky whilst it is snowing, a sharp, pointy snowflake could slice straight through your eye to your retina.

cue the ahhhs:

i apologize if the wallpaper makes you dizzy. it takes a while to get used to.

uncle bonecrusher is back in town for the break so we had a short fashion show to celebrate. we went through our old winter coats and rediscovered this choice gem:
this was my winter coat in the fifth grade. yes, i wanted to wear this fashion monstrosity. i reallyreallyreally wanted a real fur coat, but i had to settle for this faux version. i am not sure what type of animal it is supposed to be, but it seems to resemble a mangy sheepdog who met it's demise by being run over by a snow plow.

neon earmuffs. we beck kids had no shame. warmth was a key factor in how we dressed, not cool-ability. being shunned by other kids because of what we wore gave us backbone. and a long list of people we would like to take revenge on.

scarlett, cranky scarlett. cheese, processed cheese. me, cheesy me.

hotdogs. they get me pretty excited too. (it was processed food day, sort of like every other day.)

merry christmas


Ryan said...

What a lovely laugh I just had. Thank you to Mark for modeling the sheepdog coat, thank you for the description of the snow and ice out here, and thank you for the hotdog joy and excitement. I love it all.

Ryan said...

whoops. That's me - Julianne

Livin' Single said...

though the cake looked bad, it also looked good, right? like disgusting yumminess. yay. i think that people who dress like teenagers wear clothing that is too tight and makeup that is too heavy. so i think you are awesome and you don't do those things.

Lesta said...

For someone who didn't do anything "blog worthy", you sure were busy! Love all the pics! No matter what, you are ALWAYS havin' fun!
Thanks for the offer of fudge and movies! We borrowed a couple space heaters, and are doing ok as long as we stay in just a couple rooms. I sure hope they fix the furnace soon tho.

Rachelle...aka Rachelley! said...

Heidi...I don't know if you remember me...Rachelle Lewman...but I just have to say, YOU ARE THE CUTEST GIRL! You are so gorgeous and funny and LOVELY! Please tell your mom I said hi. I've had a blast stalking you on your blog...LOL! I just told Chrissy about yours so she will probably check it out too! She's new to the blogger world. Merry Christmas!

blogofsteele said...

hilarious. girl you can write. you should really consider having a column in some newspaper...a national newspaper. loves

The High Family- said...

I remember you being funny, but seriously you have taken it to a whole new level since high school. Maybe it is lack of sleep, I think that has made me funnier(I can thank my munchkins for that). I tell Cameron all the time about how funny I am. Though you take the cake on being stinkin hilarious!

Paula said...

ummm, has Thomas seen how teenagers dress? Seriously, I think you should go to the mall together and stand outside of an old navy or abercrombie and then he will really see the difference. thanks for fashion show-it was a real treat.

Ryan and Julianne said...

HAS -- we're coming down on Friday to visit. We haven't finalized all the arrangements yet, but we know we're spending the night at Marilee Morales' parents in Lenexa (I think Lenexa?). I don't know when we'll be with Marci, but I do know that it's going to be a short trip -- we're leaving on Saturday b/c we agreed before we decided to come to KC to pick up one of Ryan's dental school friends and his wife and kid from the airport on Sunday.

So. Yes. That is the approximate, screwampy plan, for now, anyway...