Thursday, January 31, 2008

t-bone's top 10

the top ten signs that is was time for t-bone to go back to work.

1. thomas dug out his old high school football jersey and started wearing it to the breakfast table.

2. thomas watched the entire "one tree hill" 2 hour season premiere and spent most of the time wishing that "nathan" would roll his wheelchair into the pool.

3. thomas began meeting the mailcarrier at the mailbox everyday. 4pm sharp. they were practically on a first name basis.

4. thomas perfected his version of gourmet egg mcmuffins.

5. thomas floated the idea of being an at-home, freelance author/philosopher. i sank the idea.

6. thomas wouldn't stop laughing for 2 days when the kansas city chiefs hired chan gailey(former georgia tech head coach) as their new offensive coordinator.

7. thomas stayed on the internet so long one day that he made a $50 contribution to mitt romney's presidential campaign.

8. thomas scrubbed every cookie sheet and baking pan back to shiny, flawless condition.

9. thomas learned the theme songs from mickey mouse clubhouse, the doodlebops and my friends tigger and pooh. by heart.

10. thomas had started giving me blog topic, content and title ideas.

thomas, i loved having you at home with us the after the big move. i'll miss the fun days with you. but i think you are enjoying the time at your new office where there aren't crumbs on everthing. and there are no screaming children. and there are conversations without the word poo poo in it. and no one wipes his nose on your sleeve. we hope.


Debbie said...

haha... you always crack me up! I especially love #3 and #9... oh and egg mcmuffins are the best!

Sarah Beck said...

You can tell Thomas he can donate $50 to my presidential campaign too. I'm still working out details (like the citizenship thing being a factor) but I'm confident that that's just a minor detail. If worst comes to worst, he can just write me in on the ballot. To donate, just go to:
Thank you in advance for your donation and supporting the Sarah Beck campaign.

Meghan said...

LOL! I'm glad that Thomas has a day job. What a good day, it is good to have some down time.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that was awesome. Nice blog entry. Did he suggest it? :)

Caroline said...

I LOVE #1! HE looks hot in that old jersey! HAHA!
Meeting the mail carrier? I remember doing that when I was stuck at home after having Sydney!