Thursday, January 31, 2008

the power of snow

reagan is the only member of our family showing signs of being a snow fan. the first time he saw the snow, he stood at the kitchen window for about 20 minutes. he was in awe of the fact that the night before we had grass in our yard and then in the morning we didn't. and before you southern readers gasp and wonder if we have supplies to last us a few days in case we are snowed it, don't worry your pretty little sunkissed faces. it usually only snows a few inches. the ice and freezing rain are much worse than the snow.

we were such dummies the day it snowed. we didn't check the weather report and we bundled the kids up for a trip to the gym. we noted on the car ride that there didn't seem to be many people oot and aboot that day. after returning home, we watched the news and their were multiple school closings due to freezing temperatures and slick roads. so glad we braved the elements for a few sweaty minutes at the gym.
reagan testing the snow. he wasn't sure if he was supposed to pick up his feet or if he was going to fall off the snow.
he was pretty pleased with the whole experience. i have found that i can use the threat of snow as a great diversion.

reagan: wanna watch mickey mouse!!! AHAHAHA!

mama: look reagan, i think it is snowing!

and he will stand transfixed at the window watching for any snowflakes, happily forgetting about his prior requests.

or better yet:

reagan: wanna piece of chocwick candy! reagan no wanna eat chicken!

mama: reagan, the snow won't come if you aren't a nice boy and finish your dinner.

i love a little manipulation in parenting.


Debbie said...

haha.. we'll see how long that works..

but i am looking forward to the day when i might can do a little manipulating myself to get Taylor to do what i want ;-)

Elizabeth said...

lol, very nice

Caroline said...

That is awesome!
I'm so jealous of all that snow! I hope the bribes last!