Monday, July 11, 2016

the best thing i've ever done

marriage is your traditional dinner to the olive garden and ordering the exact same thing and loving it.  

marriage is agreeing to watch the show your wife picked even though you know she won't last more than 10 minutes before she's drooling on your shoulder.

marriage is momentarily being an instagram husband and knowing that just two pictures simply won't be enough.

marriage is helping you to the bathroom in the middle of the night at the hospital after you've had a baby.

marriage is buying lady parts items at the store without complaining.

marriage is giving your spouse a hug and trying to understand his loss when he finds out that one of the best players on Georgia's team has broken his arm in a freak holiday 4-wheeler accident and will miss crucial weeks of practice before the season officially starts in august.

marriage is riding the cancun party bus at 2am to the all night drug store for pepto bismol for your pregnant and puking wife while you are in the throes of montezuma's revenge yourself
marriage is keeping baby hersch all THREE hours of church so that your wife can enjoy adult conversation about religious topics. 

sometimes marriage is shutting up. sometimes marriage is saying the hard things. the key is to know when to do what. it's harder than any math problem.

 marriage is singing and dancing with your completely uninhibited wife during an 80s cover band concert


marriage is taking your weird wife to the fancy goodwill in buckhead as part of your date night. it was $4 dress night yo! i'm still regretting a piece of art that i balked at because it was $15. the frame was hideous and i didn't want the responsibility of disposing of it. i should have simply bought it and walked the frame back to the goodwill drop off window. momentary lapse of judgement as they were announcing the closing of the store.

marriage is letting your spouse call your really fashionable belt a "super hero belt" all day long and not batting an eye. 
note- those are not the shoes i wore to church but alas at 36, i just can't cut the mustard and wear heels for more than 3 hours.

marriage is internet research to find an adequate copycat recipe for a mutually loved sweet potato cake and baking and pureeing sweet potatoes on a sunday morning to get the job done. i don't like sweet potato pie either; this is different and worth it.

marriage is being patient with your wife when she flips out on the big kids when they all jump on your new bed with the baby and he slams his face into the headboard and cuts his face centimeters from his eye.
marriage is honoring the requested "georgia clothes only" drawer when putting away laundry. his other drawers are practically empty.

marriage is telling your wife to get up and run before it gets too hot because he knows i get cranky if i don't get my miles in. 

marriage is not for the faint of heart. if i was a reality tv producer, i would make a dating show based on couples doing service projects and carrying out multi step tasks together like packing for a trip or describing a place in the house where something is kept. there would be as much crying and mentions of the words "journey" as any bachelor or bachelorette episode. and possibly the same amount of drinking, if not more. 


Emily Curfew said...

how do you find the cutest stuff at goodwill?? That's it, sometime in the future, can you please take me there for a new wardrobe??

HJolley said...

Great post. My favorite line was about knowing when to shut up. Lesson no. 1 that no one teaches enough! And I loved both of your outfits. Will you do a breakdown of the first one?

Lindsey said...

I wish we had Goodwill here. Anything thrifted here has been through all 7 siblings of a family before it hits the shelves. Congrats on your anniversary!