Sunday, July 03, 2016

little bits of june

a few things that must be noted about the first half of june:

i was called as 1st counselor in the primary presidency at church. i feel bad for the kids under my tutelage because i love to joke and not everyone gets my sense of humor. i get lots of squinty stares, as if, "are you for real?"

our good friends, paula and logan, also moved into our new neighborhood about 2 weeks after us. we had them over for father's day dinner. the dads did the dishes and i felt great about it! 

the kids picked out a bulldog statue for thomas' father's day gift. his name is erk, after erk russell. google that. 

scarlett has really been on a big, "take modeling pictures of me every chance you get" kick. these are from her father's day shoot.

monday after father's day, thomas needed some legal paperwork filed in the jackson county, georgia courthouse. being the helpful helper that i am, i took the kids and we made the trek.

middle of nowhere.

 being that the courthouse is a government building, i was anticipating long lines, unhelpful employees and disgruntled patrons. none of that was true and the clerk even let me make a few inquiring phone calls(which was against the rules) to ensure i was filing properly. she then passed out coloring sheets to the kids and they quietly created their masterpieces. tender mercies.

i pretended that i was a mom who took her kids on educational field trips and we wandered around the courthouse for a few minutes.

scarlett requested another photo shoot outside.

i tried to sneak a quick trip to this antique market in but they were CLOSED ON MONDAYS! 

so we just added to scarlett's modeling portfolio.

the way home, things took a quick downturn.

by the time we got to costco, athena blythe was nearly unconscious from illness in the cart.
whatever it was, passed quickly. 

the next day, scarlett got her cast off. i told her everything i possibly could to make her scared and to think that they were going to chop of part of her arm or at least nick the skin and she didn't believe a word i said. i've been her mother too long. she knows all my tricks.

it was pretty crusty and stinky but she's back in business. today at church she bore her testimony about when she broke her arm and she "thought her life was over" and the Holy Ghost comforted her so she knew she was going to be okay. i laughcried. it was hilarious and darling. 

finally, the house is mostly coming together. unpacking is going to take the rest of the summer to get the little stuff and day to day organization under control but we're getting there. 

this is reagan "hiding" from the girls in the mostly clean kitchen:

the kinda organized dining room, or "dinning room" as nearly every person on craigslist entitles their ad. this is the room i want to paint charcoal, white and kelly green. 

the 50/50 put away library room. i want to paint out all the cabinets and walls white and add a gallery wall over the piano, lots of floor plants and long, colorful curtains. 

hersch with a little nose snot bubble, while playing in my shoe pile. i need some more shoe organizers but my favorite ones are only available at costco in january. so, the pile may be here for a while.

all the tid bits of news that's barely fit to print.


HJolley said...

My favorite pics of Scarlett are the ones where she 1) has her casted arm around Erk and 2) on the railroad tracks. That one can definitely be used for her album cover one day.

lrbodine said...

Have fun in Primary! Totally love being in the presidency minus the Sunday headaches that they always gave me.

How awesome to have Paula nearby!

You are a brave woman to tackle a courthouse with the 4 kids.

Take more pictures of your house! It's beautiful!