Sunday, July 10, 2016

bad lighting on a good birthday

deep thoughts about scarlett. scarlett is my dream come true. she has so many similarities to my own personality that i want to follow her everywhere and whisper guidance in her ear for the lesson that i've already learned. 

"don't let mean girls intimidate you. practice your wit, it's a great shield and weapon."

 "just keep trying. everyone gets embarrassed at some point."

"no one is responsible for your happiness but you. don't expect others to babysit your emotions. most people aren't as worried about you as they are about themselves."

"there is no ideal body type. the fact that you have are alive is the ideal body type."

"think highly of yourself but never think you are better than anyone else."

"good things happen to bad people all the time, it's called luck. bad things happen to good people and that's called learning resilience."

and the classic sandy beck never ever fails advice, "always look for the lonely and friendless and be their friend. everyone has value." 

scarlett is funny and zany at home and more reserved and shy in public, which i read once is what makes a great performer and she does like to perform. i relate to that, introverted extrovert.

i just really like her. 

our dollar tree sells mylar balloons for a $1 each! the heidi of my youth thought mylar balloons were the bee's knees and i still get excited when i see them, especially for such a killer deal! so i got 9. 

scarlett really wanted her own front porch bulldog, so she got a tiny one and named him zeus. 

she also wanted purple hair so i sound some super long extensions. i need more practice attaching them but they were pretty fun.

for her birthday breakfast, i made waffles with peaches and real whipped cream. again, more bad lighting.

she requested baked ziti for dinner and a gooey butter cake for her birthday cake. i dropped the ball on the star wars rey/maleficent cake topper but guess what, no store actually makes those. 

we had our favorite friends over and everyone ran around like crazy and got sweaty. kid fun success. 

the end


Sarah Beck said...

Scarlett is the best! And can I say, YOU ARE QUITE THE ARTIST! Just sketching up Disney characters like it's nobody's business (am I remembering correctly that you also sketched a character from Wall-e for Reagan on a napkin too?)

Happy birthday, Scarlett! Glad we could celebrate your day in Florida too!

HJolley said...

Scarlett is so great. I miss her already. And I loved your words of wisdom. You forgot--don't eat dairy before an important appointment.

Emily Curfew said...

that gooey butter cake stopped me dead in my tracks, and i went straight to google to find out recipe. i must make this soon. (perhaps tomorrow.)

Scarlett, you are lovely. VERY lovely. Really one of the dos angelic faces i've seen. and a big heart, just like your mama. LOVEd your motherly advice, i literally copy and pasted the entire section from your blog into my phone's note section, and already spewed a few lines to pearce tonight. Gotta start 'em young! so thanks for the cheat sheet.

happy birthday darling Scarlett!! xo

Lindsey said...

Love that girl!!!