Wednesday, March 02, 2016

scouts and wednesdays always get me down

 i don't like most days of the week but wednesday really takes the cake for me. it's already scouts day and then everything else seems to pile on. i never schedule anything specifically for wednesday because it's always crazy day. 

1. dress like a hippie day at athena blythe's preschool in honor of the book fair. capitalism and hippies don't exactly go hand in hand but it is physically impossible for me to ignore a dress up day. 

2. i wore a dress over jeans. i love this look. i want to buy more dresses to wear over jeans, but i shall refrain. 

3. wednesday mornings i have to drop scarlett off at 745 for drama club and reagan at 830ish for school and athena blythe at 9 for her school. my least favorite morning. reagan "cannot smile when we are almost late for school." me neither, reagan. 

4. i had to run all my errands in the 45 minutes i had before meeting my realtor. fun. 

5. saw 5 houses in 2 hours. today's favorite includes this steel beamed tree house, complete with trap door and interior hammock. God bless the old people who built this. 

 6. i get notes from athena blythe's teacher, including frowny faces, about how she hates coloring and never does her coloring pages so i always try and get her to at least paint the pictures when she gets home. a temperamental artist. 

7. bathtime wrangling for 4 kids at 5pm because of scouts at the church at 7. it's as terrible as it sounds. 

8. scouts was the blue and gold banquet. we had to make both a pan of baked ziti for the dinner portion and the traditional blue and gold banquet "cubcake". the theme was "friends around the world". reagan was plum out of ideas so i went to hobby lobby and got several sheets of london, paris, rome, and texas scrap book stickers and i had reagan and scarlett attach them to wooden skewers. we also gently squished star wars character graham crackers to the sides of the cake. friends, europe, texas, done. miracle of miracles, we arrived on time and neither food item we transported got squished or spilled. 
 thanks to my superior photography skills, i took not one but TWO pictures of the back of the cake.

the world will never know the true magnificence of this cake. 2nd place!

the whole donate money to scouts schpiel took sooooo long that we finally ate a 737pm. a travesty! i don't think the program organizers realize that my scout donation gets smaller and smaller with each minute i have to wait to eat. then it was definitely time to go because i wanted to clothesline each kid that ran around like an idiot while we were supposed to be listening to the awards. i can't handle that. 

9. scripture reading at 930 at night because of scouts. very fulfilling and enriching reading at that hour of night. 

hurray for thursday. the end.


Jessica said...

don't get me started on scouts. ;) p.s. reagan is looking so grown-up-ish! and i love that you can't pass up an opportunity for dress-up day.

lrbodine said...

I don't even have a child in scouts yet and am ready to revolt. Especially with scout donations. (Loved that every minute waiting to eat is a smaller donation - ha ha). You are a champ!

Melissa said...

Best thing I ever did was have a baby two days before the blue and gold banquet. Ugh. Next time, turn in your no baths and scripture passes for days like that.

Julie said...

I love this. I LOVE that picture of almost-late-for-school-Reagan. I get that look when I'm almost last for anything. Gosh, Reagan and I were just forever meant to be bffs. Sam doesn't even do scouts anymore. He's not going to get his Bear. Why? Because he turns 10 in June and he hasn't done the first requirement. Hasn't even been to scouts this year, probably. And I don't care.