Monday, February 29, 2016

slow news is good news

a slow but good news week. 

i had a parent teacher conference with scarlett's teacher. it went so great. scarlett's adhd is always with her but her genuine intelligence is definitely coming to the forefront. there are still many struggles, like organization and handwriting, but she has a perfect science score, is an excellent storytelling skills, and an always improving math score. plus, i've never seen a child get so excited about an engineering class. it's so nice to have improvement. 

hersch likes pizza. what normal person doesn't? i'm back in the pizza making saddle again after a generous friend GAVE me her practically brand new one to replace my recently deceased machine. 

i didn't shower from thursday to saturday because of busyness. drama class, friday fun, exercising, cleaning, volleyball. not exactly news, but i really looked forward to putting an outfit together on sunday as a result. voila!  thrifted, gifted and clearance, all high quality. queen of frugal rides again. genuine levi jacket thrifted, silk liz claiborne dress thrifted, gifted from thomas anthropologie scarf, thrifted turquoise necklace, clearance HOLOGRAPHIC loafers. we should all own holographic shoes. if i HAVE to wear flats because of my continuing hip and back pain, they will not look sensible or practical!

have you ever been in church and you're minding your own business, wrestling your children, and you are called to bear your testimony? well, check that off the list for me. i think i passed. it must have been the holographic shoes.

thomas worked from home on monday which means he got nothing done, but he did have a chance to play with the kids. 

athena blythe was working it. she's too smart for her own good. we watched ET for friday fun and she was asking some pretty in depth alien questions for a three year old. but, she's too determined to do what she wants to heed any warning or potential reprimand. it's an ongoing issue. how do you help a child learn discipline without breaking their spirit? the world may never know. i certainly don't know. plus, i'm always laughing at her antics, so that certainly doesn't help. 

lawyers always bring the party to the outdoor party.


HJolley said...

Love your Sunday outfit. When you figure out the spirited child parenting, let me know. My newest method is pretending I'm at the beach by myself. Scarlett just might be my ticket to retirement.

Lindsey said...

You go, Scar!!!

Melissa said...

I secretly have always wanted to be called on spontaneously to give my testimony! But, obviously, never will because I'm clearly too prideful. I'll live vicariously through you. You are my style idol.