Monday, March 14, 2016

typhoid blythe and the happy family

march, in like a lamb out like a lion. and we're only halfway through!

scarlett finished up volleyball. it was a mixed success. she learned a lot of skills and she learned that the ball really hurts. there were some tears, from her and me. she had sports anxiety. i had sports anxiety. we all had sports anxiety. i did meet several other special needs moms while chatting one the sidelines. it's nice to know that we are everywhere. 

athena blythe is a pretty good sleeper but lately she just wants to sleep with everyone else. which is cute until it is you she wants to sleep with. she also likes to sleep in her church dresses.

if you're wondering how our daily scripture reading is coming along, it's definitely coming. a work in progress, but we haven't missed a day in a while. we even started reading before school. it's a miracle of miracles and it has enabled us to get to school on time on a few days when it would have been mathematically impossible. God is good all the time. 

we measured scarlett's hair. it's officially bum long. just like claudia kishi. clap once if you know who that is and wanted to be just like her in the 5th grade. 

spring school pictures since the fall pictures didn't turn out so well. 

reagan the dingaling was determined to wear his texas shirt in the photo. i'm just thrilled that everyone is smiling.

we had no school on friday so we went to the park after drama class and had a delicious dinner of mcdonald's. clean kitchen always trump deep fried food selections.

friday night after ghostbusters part 2, athena blythe put herself to sleep and then proceeded to barf in her bed all night. her bed and then her favorite place on the floor and then in scarlett's bed. it was a fun night.

however, the next morning when asked, athena blythe would say she wasn't sick, she said she was happy. no one in this family likes to seem even the least in the wrong. and by the end of the weekend, each and every family member was "happy" too. 

saturday morning, i spoke at our stake relief society conference. my topic was parenting. they must have drawn straws about topics because parenting wouldn't have been my first choice. i enjoyed preparing and told a lot of stories about my own parental failings and triumphs. someday i'll write a post about the "parenting church of false expectations" and the difference between a cat person and a cat liker. i promise it made sense, at least to me. i did share 3 poop/barf stories and said the word "whore", but in a biblical way. 

 some of my favorite quotes i shared.

 post relief society conference, we found a babysitter who doesn't mind watching barfing 3 year olds and thomas and i did more house hunting. athena blythe actually slept the whole time so it was probably quite the easy job. 

this was this weekend's house hunting gem:
an oven in the wall of the basement. no kitchen in the basement. no countertops in the basement. just a bathroom and an oven next to a TV room and a bedroom. i'd love to meet the basement dwelling bachelor who designed this love nest. my guess is that he "met" his girlfriend on the internet and her real name is walt. 

by sunday we were all as "happy" as athena blythe with a stomach bug. 

"gilbert blythe says being smart is better than being pretty." 

my darling(hersch) was even throwing up.

"must touch herschel at all times"

monday morning. 5436 hours of movies watched later. 2 happy kids.

the anticlimactic end.


HJolley said...

Claudia Kishi was the coolest because she never wore the same outfit twice, even if it just meant switching out her earrings. I have that line from the books memorized because I thought she was so cool.

That pic with AB's hair all fluffy is the best thing I've seen in awhile. Bravo on the early morning scripture reading; this family could definitely learn from yours.

Emily Curfew said...

i love your family. always love every update you write here.

Lindsey said...

I love the pic of Athena with the hair. Glorious. I'm so sorry you guys are all sick!!! Sounds like March. We all have a virus here, too - but only the lucky ones are throwing up. The rest of us can down cold/sinus meds and get through a few hours of work. I think they chose you to speak on parenting because you're great at it. You love your children unconditionally and support them in all they do. You were definitely the right person for the job.

Jessica said...

every single picture in this post is a gem! and also, i laughed out loud about the basement dwelling bachelor and his single oven. glad to hear that everyone is on the mend!

Julie said...

These posts are the best. Reagan's excitement about sneaking in his Texas shirt makes me smile. Blythe's bathroom mirror picture! Stop it!! That oven?!?! Where do you find these houses?! (I'd totally have bought the one with the steel tree house)