Monday, November 24, 2014

more monthly recap

october. someday i'll get really good at this family record keeping business again. 
general conference
we tried some new techniques(churchy word bingo) to try and encourage more general conference listening among the children. obviously, we hit it out of the park:

i did get a lot of practice on my loose dutch braid skillz on scarlett's head while she was listening for her bingo card. she sort of really hates it when i want to practice my braiding but look how good this looks! i love a loose braid!

gender reveal un-party
i did a really low key gender reveal for the kids. 

they took one look at the outfit and they still weren't really sure whether is was a boy or girl outfit. in their defense, it took me a really long time wandering around walmart trying to find a boy outfit that i did not find completely hideous. everything was kitsch, camo, or had a kitschy slogan on it like, "does this diaper make my butt look big?". so ambiguous stripes it is. 

grandma sandy
grandma sandy visited and we were spoiled with love and affection. and we went out to lunch 3 DAYS IN A ROW! 

and then we had FROSTIES!

in other cute news:
this boy requires a personalized napkin in his lunch everyday. i've gotten pretty good at taking requests but one day i fell short of my normal standards and he remedied the situation with his own rendition of wonder red of super why fame. blythe's interest in the show, super why, has caused a resurgence of interest with reagan because he loves watching any show with blythe. so, wonder red is a bit of a celebrity around here.

i still get comments from retail workers everywhere about this type of situation. and i just let them roll off me because that's the type of gangta mother that i am. 

honor roll and CITIZENSHIP awards!

and thomas and i will never make friends at church because we both spent the majority of the trunk or treat party checking our phones for georgia and alabama football scores. and we both won. but, not on the friendship front. 



Lindsey said...

I love how much Blythe looks like Thomas!

Jeppson Clan said...

I LOVE whenever my bloglovin says I have an update from you! You are way better at chronicling (sp?) your goings on then I am. Glad you got to visit with your mom, & Love Scarlett's braid. All the kiddos are getting so big! Reagan looks super grown up/handsome in his WonderRed pic. Love that guy! Miss you my fun friend!

Jessica said...

you're so funny. i'm glad we're friends. :)

Emily Curfew said...

all you really need is ONE friend in the ward. Someone to analyze and pick apart all the other surrounding weirdos. its always good to have a second opinion/layer of information/knowledge of people.

REAGAN looks SO HANDSOME in the pic with his napkin. ADORABLE SWEET FACE. I may just print it out and hang on my fridge, because it's really such a happy, mother-mood-boosting photo.

SCARLETT - oh i admire and envy your thick gorgeous hair/braid! And congrats smarty thomas pants on your academic achievements. you get it from your dad. lol.

BLYTHE - you and henry need to get together and go cause trouble and give workers/bystanders heart attacks doing traveling circus acts on your buggies (grocery carts, but you knew that, right?)

love you girl! and love you sense of humor.

Melissa said...

You keep on letting your monkey dangle from the shopping cart. I do and I haven't lost one yet. I told a fellow mother one day that I haven't had one fall yet and I'm not sure how she took it. I 'm of the opinion that they know their limits. It's just when their older sibling pushes that it gets questionable. You rock my world. :)

Melissa said...
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Zobostic Corwin said...

Greetings. I just found your blog and thought I would let you know that it is delightful. You are excellent at writing and have a refreshing style.

Thanks for the peek at your adventures.

Zobostic Corwin