Monday, December 08, 2014

a duct tape kind of christmas

i don't know why i let this happen every year. i always intend to immediately toss the pumpkins after halloween and then i procrastinate it because i normally don't even walk through the front door and then we have days of torrential downpour and they end up looking like this:

which is how i felt for most of the thanksgiving break(pregnancy+sinus infection+not the flu because i had the flu shot and you can't possibly get the flu with the flu shot according rude doctor who also said i was gaining too much weight and now i totally hate him and if he shows up in my delivery room i will have thomas body slam him and i will shimmy that big mirror over to my delivery bed and deliver this baby myself). plus, the rest of the family was lucky enough to get sick too and so i only have one picture from our trip to waycross. this one:

blythe taking us for a little country drive on mimi's farm land as we all drove to our extended family picture location. happy thanksgiving. then we early the next day and we were all sick until sunday. somehow thomas and i mustered up the strength to prepare talks on gratitude during trials and counting blessings for sacrament meeting, but i'll tell you what, it was a bit of a stretch and i'm surprised there weren't lightning strikes around that pulpit. 

this past saturday was our church breakfast with santa and it was pretty fantastic because i just love events with the whole family and that comment isn't even dripping with sarcasm. i feel like we often get so caught up in the daily scamble and thomas is out of town a lot that entire family events that are mostly relaxing and few and far between. i loved eating with these people and then singing christmas carols in anticipation for santa's visit. 

can you see the singing intensity on this face? she believes. he voice alone drew santa into our festivities.

this crazy haired monster was also with us and she growled at everyone for the majoring of the activity. 

 blythe was not interested in santa at all, but look at these two cute kids! they should get whatever they want from santa! but they're not because apparently this santa was a realist and after scarlett told him her christmas wishes, he replied that she "better not get her hopes too high". killjoy. 

 and living in a rental house has made me not want to make any effort at christmas decorating and thomas surely didn't need convincing to just go buy a fake pre-lit tree. 
he we are trans versing the wintery parking lot:

oohing and aahing at all the festive holiday delights:

the intense selection process(i really wanted the white flocked tree too!):

hauling our multicolored light selection to the register because they were sold out of all white:

 grooming non-perfectionists:

tacky gold tinsel attached to railing with visible duct tape because i just don't care. it was fun and easy. 

not bad for a multicolored light tree.


Erin said...

Girl, PROPS to you! I love not caring about things like this. My 6 year old makes new Christmas tree ornaments every day, and they're straight up UG...but she is so happy to display her work. And that doctor is an idiot. Eat, drink, and be merry, for no woman is pregnant forever (Erin 1:1). That's what I say. And also, when are you coming to visit me?

HJolley said...

I picked out a white flocked tree too! One day, when we have adjoining rooms in the rest home, we can get the tree we have always wanted.

You look great!

Jenna said...

That crazy doctor doesn't understand a thing. Glad you're on the mend. Hate grooming the tree.

Lindsey said...

That doctor sounds like a dream. I think duct tape is great. The end.

Jessica said...

love it all! i wish we were next door neighbors. that would be the funnest. and p.s. will you email me your address so we can send you a christmas card??

Emily Curfew said...

I love your family and it would be a dream come true to ever be in a ward with you!! And watch all your fun go down.

Julie said...

I love the pictures of that wild child , Blythe! Oh how I miss her! Your doc is clearly crazy bc you look tiny!! Where are you even hiding your bump? Multi-colored trees, though maybe not the classiest, are best for kids. Ours is multicolored, on purpose. What kid wants to look at white lights?