Saturday, July 19, 2014

nothing's gonna stop us now!

12 years! 2 dates in one week!
 all our dates seem to end at target because running errands never ends!
we did our usual olive garden anniversary date and then we also went out again a few days later to what we had been told was the best steakhouse around, the peddler. 
we were not disappointed. i even broke my cardinal rule of "no cell phone at the table taking pictures of food in a restaurant". because this steak was just that big. 

this was what we brought home as leftovers. the portions were HUGE and the salad bar was excellent including GIANT blue cheese chunks. yum. add a side of peas on romaine-delicious! 

more pictures of steak than you ever wanted!
*and my super dirty microwave.

our culminating celebration for our 12 years of absolute bliss was cleaning out the garage together, in anticipation of our next move.
 to atlanta. 
 in 2 WEEKS!
 you guessed it. last week's trip to atlanta was to find a new place to rent and we will rent out our house here in greenville until we can devote more time to selling it. i'm heartbroken. we all are. we love greenville. we love our neighborhood. we love our friends. we love south carolina. i really, really love my gym(more than some of my friends). nevertheless, we're a family that sticks together and we go where will be best for each member of our family long term. 
any yet, 
poop sandwich. 
at least i'm not in charge of packing everything up. after 12 years and 54223 moves, we source that out. 

garage cleaning was a success.
thomas especially loves how the sweat drips off my nose after mere minutes of exertion. 

thankfully, ever dang neighborhood kid showed up to not help and not organize stuff and not throw junk away. 

cleaning the garage was actually slightly fun. i got to organize everything and stress about item placement which is what i wish i could go back to college and major in. with a minor is public scrutiny.
our garage is a beautiful thing. even with our weird, extra storage room the former owners put it. it's good for locking up ornery kids and growing marijuana. 

then we went swimming...

 at the greatest neighborhood pool that cannot be replicated, because, believe me, we've looked. 
*our version of a synchronized jump
**olympics 2016 for sure!

then to really show our love and devotion to one another, thomas and i painted our master bathroom on saturday night. 

sunday morning we both overslept from exhaustion and still made it to church on time. because we are that in love. nothing's gonna stop us now.
sing with me!
"Let 'em say we're crazy, what do they know 
Put your arms around me baby 
Don't ever let go 
Let the world around us just fall apart 
Baby we can make it if we're heart to heart 
And we can build this dream together 
Standing strong forever 
Nothing's gonna stop us now 
And if this world runs out of lovers 
We'll still have each other 
Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now "

shake out sweaty  80s hair band hair, end post.


HJolley said...

I cannot believe how productive you have been. That is exhausting just to read about! But your garage looks awesome.

And those steaks were mega huge!!

Atlanta is 3 hours closer to me, so I consider it a win!

Lindsey said...


Machelle Ledoux said...

Oh, I am always in Target! But I like to call it the Red Circle Boutique, LOL! Makes it sound fancy and upper class and my kids really get a kick out of that name. Ha! Wow, those steaks are really big! Those two pieces in the to-go foil looked as big as a full serving! But it looks yummy, though.

Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair