Tuesday, March 18, 2014

nine is officially the new black

my darling is 9. 
our family tradition is breakfast presents. then thomas sneaked off to ward council. all before the sun was up! thank you daylight savings!

a new puppet to add to the theatrical ensemble.

darth was a hit.

so much so, that i caught her slow dancing with him in the kitchen. darth was practically rounding second base with her. that darth is all hands. without even using his hands. the force!

our tree bloomed just for the occasion. my favorite.

reagan requested homemade pizza for his birthday dinner and this may be the most perfect pizza ever made. ever. 

side view:
i know! i made that!

 but i didn't make this. i may not make pretty cakes but i make cakes that taste good. this one from publix only looked good. reagan specifically requested a texas and missouri cake. naturally. cartography lovers unite!

 no blowout party this year. we're heading to wild adventure in valdosta instead. special request. 

but we had a few our reagan's favorite people over for mediocre cake, great ice cream and crystal light. reagan thinks crystal light is living large.

i'm pretty lucky that he's mine.

our sweet preemie.

i finally got to hold him a week after he was born. tears of joy.

blessing day, which ironically is the same weekend i started coloring my gray hair and last saturday night before his birthday i was up late coloring my grays. just lucky i guess.

booty pop in a family picture? don't mind if i do!

his gift to me was snuggling during church. a rarity. 


Jessica said...

happy birthday to reagan!!! 9 is most definitely the new black. :)

HJolley said...

I love that Darth Vader doll. I might slow dance with it next time I visit you.

Happy Birthday Reagan!