Tuesday, March 04, 2014

fun is run

PROUD does not even begin to describe how i feel about this past weekend's festivities. scarlett ran in her first road race this weekend. this year at school, the kids joined the running club at school and by default i come and hover over them(and quiz scarlett on spelling after each lap) and blythe comes and causes problems and gets in the other kid's way. but, they practice running and it's been a great experience. the school received a discount for registration fees for one of the area's big road races and scarlett expressed interest in running in the kid's mile. we're all suckers for a free sweat-wicking t-shirt. and i got the discount for my race too!

 of course, the evening of the kid's race, my worst running nightmare came true. i showed up to the race at the wrong location. we were ten minutes away from the actual start location and the race started in 5 minutes. we jumped back in the car and encountered a BUNCH of construction and an ooooold man who decided to just stop his car in the middle of the road in the construction zone until a parking space opened up or his metamucil kicked in, whichever came first. desperation set in and scarlett and i jumped out of the car and starting running the remaining blocks to the race while thomas stayed behind to deal with traffic. by time we got to the starting line, the race had been started for 3 minutes and we were already out of breath just trying to get there. they were packing up the starting line, but we just went for it. it was a chipped race so we were still timed even though we were the only ones left on the road. we ran like our lives depended on it, the only two runners on the road and we held hands. it was wonderful, if not a little post-apocalyptic feeling. by time we got the finish line, everyone else was already finished but we ran across the line like the champions we are! i cried a lot. i was so proud. she never stopped running!
 then she went and sat on the ground. i saw that she wasn't even wearing socks, which is a big running no-no. we still have plenty to work on before our next race.

each time i took a picture, she put her medal right by her face.

medal by her face:

and medal by her face:
 and due to construction and the old man, thomas was just circling the race area the whole time we were running and picked us up. so, everything worked out great. 

next morning, i had my race which i showed up for at the right time and place. i haven't run a 10k(or done much running at all recently because of the obnoxious cold weather that won't go away) in a while but it's a great distance and i ran with someone faster than me so i felt shamed into keeping up with her pace the whole time. i got a personal best 10k time of 55:28. it was awful and cold and the final mile was straight up hill. vomiting fighting with breathing. breathing won out in the end, but it was touch and go for about 45 seconds after i crossed the finish line.

everyone needs a great workout partner who is a little faster than you. mine is my friend, holly, and she is so cheery that you can't help have a good time running with her. i'm so negative that i'm surprised she talks to me. ying to my yang.

i'm thinking of becoming a post-running spokesmodel. who wouldn't want to buy what i'm selling? hahahahahaha. 

and this man was the token oldster in shorty shorts with what looks like tennis balls shoved up the back of his pants. every race has one.

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Jessica said...

love it!! so fun to run a race with scarlett -- i can't wait to do the same with grace. :) and way to go on your PR 10K time. you are way faster than me.