Sunday, February 17, 2013

friday fun!

friday fun! each friday we do fun stuff! normally we spend every day after school doing around 2 hours(or more! yipes!) of homework and other therapies with reagan plus ballet or choir or whatever other activity we have going on and it's really no fun. important and critical, but no fun. i call it "homeschool afternoons". but friday we try and compensate for it by only doing fun stuff. i LIVE for friday fun. it's the one day of the week when i don't feel like i have to make my children better citizens and we can just embrace being the regular schlubs that we are. normally, friday fun means homemade pizza(with my bread maker, which i am now AWESOME at making) and a movie night after the kids "clean" up their rooms. however, last friday was our town's daddy daughter dance for scarlett and so we made it reagan's choice of dinner and a movie with mama. 

scarlett was pretty pumped for this year's big daddy daughter dance after last year's debacle of having a silly mom who couldn't buy tickets in time. this year she had a silly mom who came through in the clutch and bought tickets with weeks to spare.

thomas's quote of the night, "it was the best night." 

meanwhile, the mama son date started with a trip to the classy mcdonald's drive through, by request. reagan wanted his picture taken, but not of his face. he wanted a picture of himself making movies on his leappad. so, there you go:

and our movie night. finding nemo is a modern classic. 

so, everyone needs friday fun. i can't wait til the next one. i can deal with monday-thursday homeschool afternoons when i know friday fun is around the corner.  


Steve Finnell said...

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Jenna said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I never have fun with my kids. So much homework and have-To-dos that there's not much fun for the want-to-dos.

Jessica said...

i LOVE the idea of friday fun. my kids would love it even more. hahahaha.

HJolley said...

Scarlett looks beautiful. We also look forward to Fridays here because it's publix pizza night--the only good meal of the week.

Jess said...

We have "fabulous friday" at our house. I think I like friday fun better.