Friday, February 22, 2013

blythe's favorite things

things blythe likes:


hers is a violent love.

measuring cups

climbing in her toy basket.

this may be her most favorite place. she goes from swinging the bathroom door and crawling over to the shower door and commences swinging that one around and before she rediscovers the bathroom door again.  minutes and minutes of fun.

her mother's daughter. staring at herself in the mirror. notice the movement of the garbage can.

i finally had to move it to a new permanent position inside of a closet. that swing top flap was just too tempting.

but the bathroom garbage can isn't the worst. this is her grossest favorite. the dog's dish. it's magic. 

it's one of the things that motivated her to crawl. 

our dog hates us so much. but, as a result of blythe's wandering, his dish has never been so clean and frequently refilled. 

and last but not least, scarlett's baby doll. blythe has declared it her all time favorite amen and amen. 

babies having babies.



Jenna said...

I like her. :)

HJolley said...

So cute! And great clothes! Where do you get them?

Melissa said...

So fun! I haven't commented in months, maybe years. Sorry. But I had to now that you have officially decided on a name on blogland. I have been wondering what you decided. Blythe is lovely. What a nice baby.

Jessica said...

babies having babies! hahahaha. so funny. she is adorable. how old is she now??? and have you definitely decided on calling her blythe, then?

Nicole Bolinger said...

cute!! You're always so hilarious!

The High Family- said...

Such a doll! Love her bloomers. Just like the adorable ones you gave to Brooke. Was so thoughtful of you.