Thursday, July 09, 2009

livin' large since 2002

july 9, 2009
seven years of wedded bliss!

this is just a glimpse of the card. i left off the dirty stuff. i can't wait for the 32nd anniversary. i plan on taking a bath in cream cheese. i think the year 27 anniversary gift would be more fitting after that.

since this is our 7th anniversary, this is what i plan on getting to celebrate our anniversary: - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
it's only fitting.

the requisite list of things that thomas does that rock my world:

1. when we were first married thomas used to carry around a pocket version of the declaration of independence and the constitution of the united states. he is probably the person most familiar with the workings of the government of the united states of america that i know. one time shortly after we were married, he was a little late meeting me to go home for the day. his excuse, "sorry, i really got caught up reading in a section of the constitution. it's fascinating!"

2. thomas always lets me say bad things about other people, organizations, events, places and whatnot that i couldn't normally get away with saying around regular people without them thinking that i was completely evil. and he never thinks that i am completely evil, just partially. he already knows how i am and i've never tried to hide that from him. he sometimes refers to me as the world's only living heart donor, since i tend to be cold and thoughtless on occasion. and he loves me anyway.

3. thomas always humors me by watching ridiculous movies that i have dvr'd. we don't like most TV shows, but we love some of the random almost good, but pretty much bad movies from yesteryear. some recent highlights include: highlander, purple rain, and road house(SO AWESOME). he will also record super nerdy things that he thinks that i will enjoy(and i do!). a few weeks ago he recorded a documentary on elvis presley focusing on his deep rooted love of gospel music. other times he has recorded things that reference things i like, such as MTV's special about taylor swift going to prom with a boy from hillcrest high school in tuscaloosa, alabama. or haunted mansions of savannah, georgia. you know, real high brow stuff. his most favorite thing to watch with me is AWA wrestling classics from the 80s, when wrestling was SO fake that they didn't even need steroids. i keep trying to convince him to abandon his day job and create an alter-ego with a name like, LEGAL BEAGLE, the Mad Dawg from the Dirrrty South(HE WILL LAY DOWN THE LAW IN THE RING!), so that he can become a pro-wrestler. there is something so hot about a man in spandex and knee-high boots. and a little uncomfortable too.

4. thomas is always encouraging me to do new things and be the best that i can be. he always asks me the about highlights(and mostly lowlights) from my volleyball games, he is my biggest supporter in my running endeavors, he thinks that i nothing short of a genius. often he will leave out articles from the wall street journal for me to read. sometimes he truly wants my opinion, lots of time he just want to light my fuse and enjoy the explosion. every girl should marry a guy who makes her feel like she is the best and most important thing in his life.

5. thomas is a rock solid sunday school teacher. as long as we have been married, he has almost always been ask to teach one type of sunday school class or another. he has an incredible knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. he has a natural gift for teaching and he amazes me with his dedication in preparing his lessons and trying to meet the spiritual needs of his class.

6. thomas is our kid's favorite. even the dog loves him better than me! and that doesn't bother me one bit. i relish the fact that they look forward to their daddy coming how each evening.

7. thomas doesn't cook a ton of things, but the things he makes are out of this world. no one makes better hot cheesy grits or home made ice cream better than thomas. he has mixing crystal light with the absolutely perfect proportions of water, ice and powder down to an art form.

8. thomas is proud of his southern roots like no other. he will be a southern boy until the day he dies, and when he dies, he will live on the south side of heaven. and in his heaven, there will be heat and humidity and huge bugs and people totin' large weaponry and driving big ole trucks with jacked up tires and wearing seersucker suits. and thomas' heaven will have not florida gators fans anywhere near him. all the florida fans will be banished to hell.

7 years down, an eternity to go!!!


Emily said...

As usual, this is a classic. Congratulations, and how wonderful to be blessed with such a wonderful husband. I think it's particularly sweet that he cuts out clips from the Wall Street Journal for you. I think that's darling! (And sometime, please post a video of you "exploding". :)

Stimpson's said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Jessica said...

happy anniversary! i was just thinking about your wedding the other day. i loved your list -- especially the part about how thomas lets you say bad things about other people, events, organizations, etc. and doesn't think you're completely evil. he and scott are a lot alike in that way. hahahaha.

and dang it! i wish i knew this was the year we were supposed to get tattoos!!!

Jessica said...

wait a second, just to clarify -- i meant scott doesn't think I'M completely evil, either. you know when i happen to have completely negative/downright horrible things to say...

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Happy Anniversary! Has it really been seven years? You two crazy kids are really racking in the years.

And at least Thomas claims you have/had a heart to give. Will claims my icy heart melted many years ago and when I die and they open up my chest cavity, all they'll find it some water. Wow, that sounded way more gruesome than it does whenever Will teases me about being heartless. Sorry to be a downer on your blog. I'll go now...

Merilee said...

Wow, inspirational! Now I really do want to get married.

Becca said...

Great list! (And I want to see the rest of the card.)

Happy Anniversary

Nicole said...

AHHHH! Happy Anniversary! AT least one of you are "good people"! We love you Thomas! Ok, You KNOW we love you Heidi!! ;)

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are awesome!!

Debbie said...

haha.. I love you, Heidi! AND Thomas! You guys are so great together! Happy Anniversary! This post is awesome.

Grandma Marie said...

Heidi Lou,
(I think that is an awesome Southern name)
I am babysitting grandkids today and tomorrow and the silence I hear should be napping. Anyways, what a nice time to catch up on some blogs. And since the Cella girls seem to be on hiatus since Spring, I had the chance to catch yours. Your words bring a smile to my face, each and every entry. And seven years of lucky living. You and Thomas have done well. I remember the high adventure at your wedding, and why should it not continue? You are an amazing girl. Keep up practicing the violin. Love, Aunt Marie