Monday, July 27, 2009

awesometown. more than just a name.

a list of a few of the awesome things taking up all our time.

awesome thing #1
my mom turned 35.

i made her a cake with twice as much frosting as the recipe called for.

awesome thing #2
the city has been ripping out the old gutters and putting in new ones.

the gruesome twosome have been mesmerized. it reminds me of when i was in college and they were putting in the huge new underground portion of the HBLL. i would sit mystified for hours(like i really spent that much time in the library) staring at the backhoes and dump trucks working. it was hypnotizing.

awesome thing #3
scarlett discovered my eyebrow waxing numbing cream. she decided it was lotion and rubbed it all over her body. hair, face, legs, stomach, everything. she was probably so numb that she didn't know she was in the bathtub.

awesome thing #4
the weather has been spring-like all summer. mostly 80s and low 90s. this is the coolest summer i have ever experienced 'round these parts. we have been able to play outside and enjoy taking walks in our wagon around our 'hood.

awesome thing #5
thomas turned 33. and he is just awesome in general.

even uncle bonecrusher was able to make it down from BYU-I for the occasion.

marky mark, thomas and my dislocated shoulder.

in case there was any confusion.

ring around the rosie-our homage to the black plague

beck speak term-blub
adjective(i ate so much that i am blubby), noun(a blub), verb(to blub it up) english origin
-what one becomes when you eat like we do- barbequed boston butt, shrimp n' grits, hangaburs with bleu cheese, root beer, chips and guac, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, a peach pie, homemade chocolate ice cream, cookies n' cream ice cream and three and a half cakes in two weeks(one chocolate chocolate, one white with chocolate, one mini black and white smiley face cake and one piece de resistance: red velvet cake with a brownie layer and gobs of cream cheese frosting.)
awesome thing #6
a special birthday quiz prepared in honor of big T.
Thomas’ Quiz on Culture

1. Thomas’ football position in high school and college?
a. center b. quarterback
c. h2o engineer d. tight end(very tight end)

2. Audio question: (a voice message from a true southerner on our answering maching)
a. Who is this person asking for?
b. What do they assume has happened?
c. Who do you think the caller is?

3. As a youth, Thomas’ brother had a small dog named O.J. What was Thomas’ dog’s name?
a. George b. Spurrier e. Count Chocula
c. Herschel d. Omelette

4. What was Thomas’ law journal article titled?
a. A Comment on an Inherently Flawed Concept: Why the Restatement (Third) of Agency Should Not Include the Doctrine of Inherent Agency Power
b. Why Can’t Martha Stewart Have A Gun?
c. Artful Prior Art and the Quality of DNA Patents
d. Judicial Faithfulness or the Wandering Indulgence? Original Intentions and the History of Marbury vs. Madison

5. Name Thomas’ favorite movie.
a. O Brother, Where Art Thou? b. Top Gun
c. My Cousin Vinny d. Deliverance

6. Which Southern-themed movie always makes heidi cry?
a. Steel Magnolias b. Deliverance
c. Gone With The Wind d. Smokey and the Bandit

Southernisms matching: Translation/definition portion-

7. Jeet yet-
8. Hangernade-
9. Fixin’-
10. Showin’ her bottom-
11. Damyankees-
12. Farn-
13. Bob war-
14. Gubmint-
15. Bless her heart-
16. Jewhere
17. Lemme tell-ah sumpin-
18. SEC-
19. Awl-
20. Po-lease
21. UGA

a. I’m about to express my strong opinion on the matter
b. Person residing somewhere North of Richmond and West of Little Rock (or South of Jacksonville, FL)
c. Type of metal fencing adorned with small, sharp metal prongs; used to restrain livestock
d. The greatest conference in college football
e. Have you eaten anything?
f. Every one of you
g. Person who either was not born in the U.S. or whose parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were not born in the U.S.
h. Tactical field explosive; activated by removing a small pin and lobbing in the direction of the target
i. She is an idiot (or the thing she did was remarkably stupid)
j. About to; on the verge of beginning
k. Young girl’s demonstration of unruly behavior
l. Entity exercising political authority over a geographic area (always used pejoratively)
m. Law enforcement authorities
n. Have you heard?
o. Majestic and Regal college football mascot that frequently appears at wedding receptions, gentile baptisms and some funerals

answer key-1. A 3. C 4. A 5. B. 6. A 7. E 8. H 9. J 10. K 11. B 12. G 13. L 14. I 15. N 16. A 17 D 18. F 19. M 20. O


Emily C said...

yeah girl. good post!
i love the 2 cakes you made for tom, sorry i mean thomas.

Melissa said...

So you should tell Mark to take a class from Scott when he comes back to BYU-I. Tell Thomas we say Happy Birthday!

Merilee said...

I really enjoyed the picture showing the rapt attentions of your children on those dump trucks. Reminded me of that one scene in Independence Day.

Shanna said...

Love the cakes - so funny. And, love this summer weather here too! If this is what global warming is all about, bring it on!!

Sarah said...

you have been quite the cake maker heidi! and your list of foods that made yall blubby is making me hungry!

Becca said...

You guys go all out on birthdays. Want to handle mine? It's September 15th. Anything chocolate, brownie, velvet with cream cheese frosting sounds blub-tasticawesome to me.

Debbie said...

Love the cakes! The weather has been amazing here in Alabama this summer, too... and is it weird that Thomas is almost as old as your mom ;-)

The Archibald Family said...

Love the southernisms. Blasen has lived in the South 13 or so years and still is not used to them or accepting of them. Bliss has somehow picked up using "fixin'" in his everyday speak and it drives Blasen crazy. I remind him that I gave him fair warning before engagement and marriage of the likelihood of our children using southern vernacular.:) Happy birthday to Thomas. I assume Thomas has people calling him something other than his name. People call Blasen "Blaze". Didn't realize you could shorten that.