Monday, March 23, 2009


stardate: march 21, 2009
mission: obtain twilight special edition dvd
accomplice: rochelle

first stop was border's. rochelle and i chilled took pictures and checked out new releases. 20 minutes before midnight, a borders employee announced for everyone to line up according to bracelet number. puzzled, we asked the nearest goth bookstore employee how we obtained said bracelet. apparently the last bracelet had been passed out at 10am that morning. upon hearing this crucial piece of information, we booked it out of there and i drove like a cullen to the nearest store.

lucky for us the nearest store selling twilight special edition dvds was my favorite place on earth(and yours too, admit it!) wal-mart!!! wal-mart at midnight on the weekend is the nearest thing to a lake of fire and brimstone that i can think of. sometimes i wonder if the prison parole bus just drops people off outside.

i took this picture under the guise that i want to show how long the line was. i was number 252. but really, this picture is to point out this creepy kid who was in line in front of us. has his skin ever seen light of day?
better yet was the people who stood in line behind us. this little clan had the filthiest mouths i had heard in a long time. every other word was effing this or effing that. the f-word makes my ears want to bleed. i was incredibly tempted to point out that their misuse of the f-word as an adjective, but from the sounds of it, i was also going to have to explain what an adjective is. there wasn't enough time left in the day for that lesson.

a successful purchase.

saturday night there was a small celebration at my house. deleted and extended scenes were viewed. blood was sampled from champagne flutes. our appetites were whet for new moon. here's to november 20, 2009!
here are the party people who also love to watch ridiculously awful yet compellingly fantastic movies. even more awesomely bad was watching it again on sunday night with the director's commentary. the only good thing about the twilight movie is that when you start at the bottom of the barrel of movie making, you are practically guaranteeing that new moon movie has to be exponentially better.

all this vampire talk got me thinking about some really important issues. if i ever am forced into driving a van(pray it never happens), i am definitely getting this as a vanity plate.


Julianne said...

Vanpire! HAHAHAHA!

Well, I will say that the prison parole bus first drops their load of awesomes off at our local WalMart, and then heads to yours. Maybe the no-sun kid was the Cullen's cousin...whatever that means, since none of the Cullen's are actually related at all anyway.

Good job on making it out of that store alive that night.

Becca said...

Invite me to see New Moon with you please! The last time I had a girls night out was---well, we won't go there.

Becca said...

p.s. I like your jacket. You look hot.

Livin' Single said...

i. miss. you. this is really funny.

Elizabeth said...

:) Vanpire...brilliant...I might use that if I ever have to drive one. I am definitely anti-van and pro SUV.

Meredith said...

Awesome! I totally would have gone with you had I been in town!!!

Nicole said...

I watched the dvd for the second time last night with Wade. I think I convinced him to read Twilight!!! I agree..if you start at them bottom of movie making New Moon is sure to be Fabulous!!! YOu would be proud of me I am almost done with Eclipse!!!

Carie said...

I am not sure I could hanndle the director's commentary: she drives me crazy!

becky said...

Oh girl. We are such kindred spirits.

I had to wait until Saturday morning to get the Bluray (duh -- the entire reason I agreed to this co-Christmas present in the first place).

I ran to Pier 1 to get platters for my festivities and Chris crossed the parking lot to Best Buy.

Five minutes later he returned, bag in hand.

Me: You got it?!?!
Chris: It's SUCH a good thing we got here RIGHTwhen the store opened.
Me: Was there a line?
Chris: Yes, with zero people in it.


Jess said...

I am a Vanpire. Bite me.

Merilee said...

Wow, I liked this post. Tell Cheryl Furnell I miss her tons and I miss her..

I bask in your enthusiasm.

Katy said...

i think the wal-mart bus drop-off schedule is: parole bus MWF; insane asylum bus TR and the weekend is just a free for all.

Lesta said...

I think you've gone to the dark side Heidi. I can just picture you "flying" to Wal-Mart at midnight! That boy may be white, but what about his partner in pink?? What is that LOOK she is giving you? I think you should be glad you got out of there alive! Orrrr...did you???

Lesta said...

So, is GWTW the next book for book club? If so, when do you meet this time?

MissRochelle said...

Aww, Miss Heidi. The things we do, all hours on the night, for our lovely vampires.

PS. I had a chinchilla in Arizona

Nicole said...

Aw I wish I had my camera so I could've taken a picture when I was there! I just don't exist :( Ho hum poor me. I totally saw that line at Border's...and I should've known you'd be in it ha!

Erica said...

Ditto on the freaks at walmart. The few late night trips I have made to walmart made me wonder if I was the only normal person in the store.