Tuesday, March 31, 2009

meet the becks

as many of you may know, the twin cities of moorhead, minnesota and fargo, north dakota have been battling flooding from the red river for several days now. my brother and his family live up there and they have been chronicling on their blog their day to day activities as they prepare for flooding or emergency evacuation.
what started out for me as merely checking their blog to make sure that they are alright has turned into a daily ritual to find out what lengths they have had to go to insure that their family and their home is safe. it has been quite the inspiring experience for me. their daily posts have detailed their individual efforts and the contributions of their entire community to protecting their city. situations like this really remind me of how incredible humankind can be. difficult situations truly bind people together.
read it and find out what kind of amazing dedication steve and sarah have(i taught steve everything he knows about being awesome). i think they are such a great example of hard work and love and i am so grateful that they have been safe thus far in this trial.
meet the becks


Carie said...

I am so glad you posted this! I have been meaning to ask you how your family up north is faring. (Since I was only with you half of Sunday and half of today you think I would have asked in person.)

Jeppson Clan said...

me too! i miss being with you in primary already!
i'm going to meet the becks right now! i hope they like me...

Caroline said...

wow! that does not even seem real! Thanks for sharing their awesomeness!