Monday, March 09, 2009

interstate love song

over the weekend thomas and i had our first opportunity to take an over night trip sans children in a LOOOONG time. it was heaven on earth to be away from those darling little monsters, if only for about 20 hours.

i picked big T up from the bright lights of downtown...

and we headed to the slightly less bright lights of winter quarters, nebraska. i always say that the best way to reconnect with your spouse is to take a road trip with them through the middle of nowhere. we laughed. big T drove. i napped. we ate at the ABSOLUTELY WORST sonic and mcdonalds on earth in the same 10 minutes. we sang along with the radio.(don't worry paula, you aren't the only one who wishes we could open the windows when i start singing.) we listened to the stone temple pilots greatest hits. we fell in love again listening to interstate love song. we discussed the band's merits and we pinky swore that we would never become addicted to heroin as it not only destoys bands but other important things like families.

our accomodations were at the mormon trail motel. i tried to find some photos online before i booked the room but i was unsuccessful. i don't think the proprietor had heard of this "internets phenomenon" yet. a vacancy at this palace? shocker.

behold, the only photos of the mormon trail motel available online. our luxurious accomodations:

we enjoyed all 6 channels on the TV and BOTH pillows on the bed. we felt like pioneers and we agreed that staying at this resort would become a family tradition.

the sign in the daylight: please note the fine establishment located next door.

the hotel exterior:

we enjoyed some time at the winter quarters temple.

the winter quarters temple is located next to a pioneer cemetary from when early latter-day saints were forced out of missouri into nebraska. over 600 saints died here from elements, illness and exposure in the winter of 1847.

i took this opportunity to bawl my face off. few things can put your life into perspective like visiting a place inhabited by people who gave their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ and religious freedom. i promised myself i would be less of a whiner about my little problems.

mourn not for those who peaceful lay their wearied bodies down

who leave this frail and mortal clay to seek a fadeless crown


Emily C said...

so is this your closest temple? its really beautiful. one of these days i want to take a church history tour.

Sarah said...

what a cool trip! seeing all these church history sites is always inspiring. and i love your outfit in front of the temple (i enlarged it to get a better look) :)

Jessica said...

Looks like fun! It's so fun to get away- even if it's just for a little bit!

Jess said...

Oh, you brave soul! Did you take flip flops to shower in!?!? :)

Carie said...

As a seattle girl, I too love the stone temple pilots. anything grunge-ish.

Mormon Trail hotel cracks me up! What a great time away with your husband.

Julianne said...

OK, well, I really think that the perfect interlude to your romantic weekend with your husband would have been to come visit ME! Yes! could have even STAYED IN SAM'S ROOM! WITH HIM SNORING IN THE CRIB NEXT TO YOU!

Yes. That will be how it will be next time. Alright.

But actually and seriously -- we live approximately 17 minutes from the temple. You should know that you are welcome here at any old time you feel like. You and your husband and funny kids.

Debbie said...

Good for you and Thomas! and the Mormon Trail hotel cracks me up! (and their lovely neighbors) Hope you guys had a wondeful time!

Becca said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great time together and bonded, felt the spirit, fell in love again, and pinky swore never to get addicted to heroine. I was so (not) worried about you starting up the habit. :)

Livin' Single said...

this is soooo great!!! you should take me next time. those are the FUNNEST trips--husband, wife, and sister-in-law!!!

The High Family- said...

I love weekends aways, even if they are in scary hotel rooms. Glad you got a break and thanks for the reminder to be more grateful. I needed it!!

Lesta said...

Looks and sounds like you had a GREAT time! Good for you two!! You need to make that a habit. Especially since you have family who can watch the kids. Take advantage of that asset!