Friday, October 31, 2008

how halloween was ruined in 1984 or happy heatherween!!!

picture this: halloween eve 1984, my dear, sweet mother is 13 months pregnant and just wants to have this baby. her ob/gyn schedules her to deliver on november 1st and needs to report to the hospital on october 31st, halloween night. my dear, sweet, somewhat saucy, grandma bonnie is called in to take myself and my two brothers trick or treating around the 'hood. after about 4 houses and 13 minutes of trick or treating, grandma bonnie calls it a night and takes us kids home. it was the world's shortest night of trick or treating. my tiny four-year-old heart is broken. the next morning my baby sister heather is born. needless to say, after the debacle from the night before, i was not excited about her birth. thank goodness that was the only halloween that she ruined. she has only improved with age. happy heatherween!!!

just a typical sunday around here, heather chillin' with her entourage.

things i like about heather:

H er sense of humor skillz

E xcessive burping ability

A ble to play the piano better than anybody else in the world, even me. and she has perfect pitch. and that is impressive.

T akes the Gospel seriously

H it a guy in the stomach with a closed fist in the church foyer because he was a big jerk.

E veryday she gets more and more beautiful

R uns likes the dickens. and she has a really funny video blog.

this was not a professionally decorated cake. just me! can you believe it! no joke! i call it shabby chic cake making. the worse it looks the more artsy it is.

i forgive your for ruining halloween 1984.

halloween 2008
el presidente the sheriff and littlebigmouth as miss scarlett

the inspiration for scarlett's costume.

a short list of things you should not say to me about this costume or i will give you the stink eye:
1. "scarlett o'hara, was she a star wars character?"
2. "is your son ashley wilkes?"
3. "oh, a cowboy and a cowgirl!"
4. "i can't believe you made her wear that."
go bulldogs. and before you get all excited, i carved the georgia pumpkin, not thomas.
one of these things is not like the other. can you guess who?

and finally, saturday, november 1st is the georgia-florida game, the biggest rivalry of all time. ALL TIME. kick off is at 3:30pm. please do not call or disturb our home during this time.

go bulldogs. boo gators. especially you urban meyer. i despise you. the end.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I think that last picture should be your Christmas card for this year. Classy! :-)

Sarah said...

Scarlett's costume is hands down best costume of the century! Love it!

Rachel said...

I think Scarlett's costume is Fabulous! And you look very Cleopatra! Enjoy the Game today!

Emily C said...

did you make the scarlette costume? holy cow that's awesome!!!!

Angie said...

Heather I can't believe you ruined Halloween. :-) I'm glad Heidi forgave you. I loved Scarlet's costume. I saw her on Thursday night, but I never saw you. I must have missed you guys or did your parents just take the kids to the Ward party? Happy Halloween and Happy Heatherween!

Jess said...

That game was truly a nail biter! :)

Livin' Single said...

how were you and i BOTH cleopatra this year? i'm confused, because i swear i borrowed that costume. Anyway, thanks for the birthday tribute. I definitely did NOT ruin halloween this year--look how great reagan and scarlett turned out!! soooo cute! and also, just ask the singles--i was the life of the regional dance. hahahhahaha

Paula said...

tell Thomas sorry about the game but I love scarlett's costume-it looks totally like the real thing and she seems to really like it.

The Buckwalter Four said...

You are awesome Heidi! Sure wish we lived closer to all the Becks. And seriously great Halloween costumes! HAPPY BDAY Heather-Rific!

Stimpson's said...

cute costumes, Heidi!!

Becca said...

Your kids are adorable! I love the Scarlet outfit. I just watched GWTW on Saturday. I'm still waiting for the book at the library . . . Oh, and I'm glad you have forgiven Heather for ruining your 1984 Halloween.

Caroline said...

LOVE the Halloween costumes! I thought about you SO much this Halloween-well to be honest I think about you everyday and I miss you like crazy!