Monday, October 06, 2008

hot snot, we're back in business!

who can name the movie referenced in my post title???

october is finally upon us!

the week started out with a bang. more like a barf. reagan got the flu on tuesday. it was his first sick day from school. to make the most out of it, he accompanied scarlett and me to the doctor's office for her 15 month check up and made the visit extra special by throwing up all over the office. i know the staff is looking forward to us coming back soon, and reagan is no respecter of persons. i was hit in the downpour.

this is how he spent most of the day.

on saturday the whole fam damily went to a "pumpkin patch"(more like someone's big backyard with a barn and some pumpkins and they charged an exorbitant admission).

i milked a cow. even though it was fake, it was still gross.

i wore inappropriate, but fantastic shoes.
we perused the pumpkin selection.

we took test shots for our christmas card.

i love this yawn picture. it's just funny.

this particular part of the "farm" was disturbing. it was a giant air-filled contraption that resembled a gigantic tapeworm. the kids climbed in the mouth...
...and they exited here. at the end. it was gross. like a science class right up close.

and my halloween seasonals are up!!! okay, they have actually been up since mid-september, but some people at my house think that is weird. i just like to get my money's worth

the most wonderful time of the year!!!

and my most favorite event of the week was general conference. for those not in the know, general conference is the bi-annual conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. the uplifting words are my balm of gilead; they soothe my soul and buoy me up in hard times. my favorite speaker was elaine dalton. click on her name for a good listen! she looked AWESOME and her words spoke straight to my heart. and i was loving the black bows around her neck. so chic!
the will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.

and the most shocking news of the conference was the announcement of a temple to be built in the greater kansas city area. oh the joy that fills my heart! i cannot begin to describe my elation at this news. i had to listen to the announcement three times before it truly sank in. i was so taken by surprise! i had always written off the possibility of a temple in this area in the near future. just two weeks ago we dedicated our new stake center(large regional church building) in the area and now this. we are so blessed. seriously.
i have heard rumors of where the temple will be built, but i prefer to play location speculation! i can think of a few areas just down the road from my house that i think would be perfect locations! hurray!


lrbodine said...

I thought of you when they made the Kansas City Temple announcement! Exciting. I love temple announcements in Conference!

And it looks like you had an adventure at the pumpkin patch.

Kristen said...

i'm SURE the temple will be built in kansas:)

Paula said...

I loved conference-the whole thing was amazing to me. I just re-watched the Sunday morning session during Lydia's morning nap today and very much enjoyed Sister Dalton's talk. I love the quote you posted and I even made the comment to Natalie yesterday while watching it that I liked her collar because it was cute and different. I am trying to get into Halloween this year but still can't decide on costumes. I also need to go out and get some decorations-I don't have any-seriously zero.

Sarah said...

love your shoes, love your hair, you are so hip heidi! and i love your halloween decorations. ok, i'll stop now, i sound like a groupie or something. oh p.s. that quote is from cars, right?

Ryan and Julianne said...

PS - I'm pretty much LOVING your kids' mummy pjs! HA, that made me laugh.

My mom called your mom as soon as the session was over to see their reaction to the temple announcement. She said your mom said they were just jumping up and down and crying and hugging. WHOOHOO!

heidi said...

sarah, yet CARS plays non-stop at our house. i have about 20 blog post titles in reserve because of that movie!

househunter said...

You probably have the news by now, but here's the link anyway to a more specific location on the KC area temple
I found it on The Liberty area, N. KC. Looks like it will be our temple district too! VERY Exciting!!! Found your blog through Caroline. Your blog is hillarious! Jen P.

Rachel said...

I Love your Halloween decorations, it really is one of my favorite holidays! Can I come and live at your house until November? Your decorations are so much cuter than any of mine.

Melissa said...

Love you Halloween pjs! Good work! You must dress up the children in addition to the house! We love getting Christmas pjs for our boys, not so much Halloween, though I do love them. The cost, you know. ;) The work blow-up is seriously awesome. So, so weird, but I'm sure Reagan loved it.

MissRochelle said...

I LOVE your shoes. They are adorable!!! Love, love, love!!!