Thursday, October 23, 2008

heidi's tag of your life

i am feeling so posty tonight and i have much to report. 2 WORDS- eyebrow threading! and then a price- $2.21! that's how much a gallon of gas is going for now 'round these parts. can you believe it??? just slap me and tell me it is 2003 again. unfortch, i can't seem to load any pictures from this past week in order to further expound upon these two topics! so, what a better opportunity to create my own tag. these are some of my favorite tag questions of all time with a few of my own personal treasures thrown in there. there is only one rule, if you have already read this far, you must complete this post on your own blog. the end. the knowledge of you not completing this tag will haunt you forever. and ever.

church calling you would HATE to have- nursery, cub scouts, compassionate service has never been my thang.

saying you say the most often- SHUT UP! barf on my face, hell's bells. i love to say that. people look at your like you are swearing up a storm. for real.

saying you hate to hear other people say- chillax, mostly just incorrect grammar like the incorrect usage of me and i, she or her, or your and you're.

most rotten thing you did today- spanking, screaming, telling reagan "no" to the cars movie for the trillionth time, giving the stink eye to people at the gym who are on MY MACHINE. i wish there was a place for me to put my name on my treadmill so that other people don't get confused. this list could go on forever. allowing littlebigmouth to leave goldfish crackers all over the floor at old navy, not showering until nearly 4pm, making and eating doublychocolate cookies right before dinner.

explain the fourth picture in the fourth folder on your computer- this pic is from this time last year at wormsloe in savannah. we were taking a family picture for our christmas card and my gal heather was in town and she was playing photographer. obviously she is a natural talent. check out the subtle nuance of this action shot. every inhibition i felt about wearing an empire style dress so soon after giving birth was fully realized.
a picture you have of people you don't know-
you've gotta enlarge this one!!! worth it!
VIVA MEXICO!!! i knew that if i held onto this shot long enough it would come in handy.
secret dream- punching people. i just want to do it. right in the kisser. but not just anyone. they've gotta deserve it. if i ever ran into that one person who made everyone miserable in junior high i might just go for it!

favorite place to spend money- of late, ebay! this is my latest purchase. a gone with the wind christmas ornament for $3! don't be jealous!
sort of ugly close up, but it's all mine baby!!! it will be a spectacular christmas 'round these parts!!!

personal indulgence- yeah, i don't really have one. perhaps not using coupons on some things? sometimes i pay full price for cascade dish detergent and it feel a little naughty. i'm such a martyr. or, if i am feeling really wild i will buy crunchy corn bran. it's like 4 bucks a box and it is only available at hy-vee! it is so good and keeps everything running so smoothly. wink wink.

least favorite celebrity- just one??? lindsay lohan, flavor flav, but probably the most awfullest pseudo-celebrity is speidi. creepy, flesh colored beard says it all...
gahh, what a waste of oxygen. barf on my face!!!(there's that phrase again!)

girl crush- gwen stefani, hilary duff, misty may-treanor and kerri walsh, celine dion is my queen, heidi klum, laura bush...tina fey

3 goals, 1 long term, 1 day to day, 1 silly-

1. complete a triathalon or a half marathon

2. run 5 miles tomorrow morning(barf on my face!)

3. be brave enough to put a bikini on this 2 baby body and wear it somewhere. not like the grocery store. but a private beach that no one visits that i own one day.

3 things you collect or obsess over-
1. old movies-TCM is my favorite channel. i'm watching hands across the table right now. LOVE IT! i have about a gabillion hours worth of old school movies saved up in my dvr queue. and white decor anything- especially silhouettes

don't you just want to lay on that bed and read high-brow literature?

3. GWTW stuff(no doi, right?)

the end. now it's your turn. and this includes YOU! you know who i'm talking about. own up to it!


Elizabeth said...

K, I am up way too late, but I have to comment...I LOVE threading. Man, I don't love sitting there as they are doing it, but my word! It lasts forever too!! I got mine done almost 4 weeks ago, tweezed a couple, and am just now needing to go back...k, maybe not this post but the next post...and I LOVE that bedroom by the way. I would totally find a book worthy of that room and read it in there...

Sarah Beck said...

congrats on your run heidi, what an all star time! Oh, and gas is like $2.30 here--and I'm still not driving my car any more--because I'm so used to finding ways not to use my car. Like walking my kids to school. Going to the shopping district once-maybe twice a week. Taking the bus with my kids yesterday because it was 25 cents to ride and kids 6 and under were free and they had no school and I had to entertain them somehow!

Julianne said...

What in the world is eyebrow threading?? I am SO not in the loop about that...

You can do the half marathon! Once you can do 10 miles straight, you can do it. And double barf on 5 did that go? I did just two yesterday and wanted to cry. But I didn't. But I wanted to.

Nicole said...

YOu are too funny! How creative are you!!! Ok 2 things I can't believe. THe price of gas and that you got up in the AM and ran 5 miles. You go girl!!!! Holla!

Jefferey and Victoria said...

Just today we were jumping up and down about gas now being $2.83, but now I am jealous and a little bitter. When we went to visit Alabama in August it was 3.99, I can't imagine how much money we would have saved if we had waited until Christmas!

The High Family- said...

What is eyebrow threading? I wax, but am I missing something better? Give me the dirt. I have to be honest, I am a closet "HILLS" watcher. The people are so stupid that I find it fascinating. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tag!!

Jeppson Clan said...

I loved reading your tag Heidi, but there's no way I'm going to do one as fun as yours is, I am just too lazy and not that interesting. :)

Omgirl said...

I love those silouettes! Are they yours? Of whom?

heidi said...

i wish those were my silhouettes. i wish that room was in my house. it's just one of those pictures that i happened upon and kept around for inspiration.

Lesta said...

Ok, I am following your lead again...I posted my tags.
You are too funny! "Barf on my face!" What?? haha...

I'm so glad you finally found a place for your pic of the man with the hairy back! haha...

I'm going to have to watch what I say too. I know I say things that could get me "punched".

I think your GWTW ornament is cute!
I have one from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" that is similar. Love it!

You like to run? Are you crazy?? ugh...

Luv ya!