Tuesday, September 18, 2007

silk is not for babies and parenting is not for wimps

this weekend was a BIG one for us in the simpson familia. scarlett grace was blessed on sunday in waycross and my parents flew down for the occasion.

this is not THE bench that forrest gump sat on in the movie, but NEAR the place where the bench scenes were filmed. and just across the street from thomas'esses office.

reagan was thrilled that we went on a horse and buggy tour of the city!
unfortunately, this was a little too close for comfort.
but our smart boy was pleased as punch to announce to everyone within earshot, "Horsey POO POO!" we actually didn't need the annoucement; it was quite obvious to all of us. but we appreciate the gesture just the same.

savannah saw more revolutionary war action than civil war action as displayed by this revolutionary war cannon.

everyone loves a picture of themselves from the back, right? thomas, miss scarlett, grandma sandy, reagan, and grandpa.

as we were walking around the city on saturday night, something quickly became apparent. i kept noticing that nobody was really on a "date" on this typical date night. there were people everywhere, but they were mostly sticking to their own gender. i just dismissed it as a big girls nite out or guys nite out. i was sort of right:

it was the savannah gay pride festival that night. you can see the large displays of rainbow balloons in this picture.

scarlett really enjoyed being held in this position as we walked around on monday.
finally, a picture of me. just because i am vain(and usually the photographer).

we were able to drive down to waycross on sunday for scarlett's blessing. it was nice to have so many friends with us on this special day!

charlie moore(father of many nations), reagan, thomas, cousin DJ and miss scarlett
thomas, mimi susu and miss scarlett
it was so bright that i was having the hardest time keeping my eyes open. it is hard to do my movie star smile when my eyes are watering because of the sun.

you may have noticed that scarlett is wearing a pink onesie in all of the pictures. that is because right after the blessing, she decided to EXPLODE(i tried to match that color to the color of the poop on her dress)all over her dress and my mother, who was holding her at the time. we made a quick getaway to the bathroom and while grandma cleaned off her clothes, i stripped scarlett down. and then i tried not to cry when i saw how bad the damage was. this is what i get for buying her a silk blessing dress. i painstaking searched for the exact dress that i wanted her to wear. interestingly enough, i found this one at gapbaby. it was love at first sight and it was on sale! i didn't allow anyone to touch it and i never touched it without properly washing and drying my hands. it stayed wrapped in tissue paper for months. and this is the thanks that i get:

this is just the damage from the back, it went everywhere.

i took it to the dry cleaners this week. they didn't seem very enthusiastic about this little project. we'll find out tomorrow how it worked out! if anything i hope the front comes out stain free so that i can at least get a few pictures of her wearing it.


Jessica said...

i love the visual of the blessing dress. sophie got blood all over hers before she was even blessed, because we forgot to cover her hands and she was jsut scratching away at her legs because of that darn eczema when i looked down and saw that she had drawn blood. luckily i had my handy dandy tide on-the-go pen in the diaper bag and i managed to get most of it. however, a diaper blowout is beyond most help i would think.

2 more comments. i really love your hair in the blessing pics, and savannah looks so beautiful!

Emily said...

Oh Heidi!! I'm so sorry about the poopy dress!! That seems like my luck!! hopefully the cleaners will fix it up real pretty so you can go stage some blessing shots.

i love all the architecture in the houses you posted. AND you look very glamorous in all of the pictures. so nice of your parents to fly into town.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Oh I'm so sorry about the diaper blowout! At least the pictures still turned out cute anyway. If they can't get the stains out - you'll have to buy a duplicate one and take pictures and then return it. :)

Debbie said...

Oh man! We know all about diaper blow outs!! Fortunately, Taylor did not have one the day that she got blessed, but I was sure afraid that she would! I hope they are able to get it all out!

I LOVE the pictures of Savannah! It is so beautiful!

I know what it's like being the one who always takes the pictures, so it's perfectly okay to enjoy it when you're actually IN one of the pictures! Besides, you look great! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I love how you save the best for last in your posts. That is so sad. Praying for very good dry cleaners!

Paula said...

Oh Heidi, that stinks about the dress. I too saw that dress on the gap website a couple months back and thought it would be a great blessing dress. Great minds think alike. I am sure Scarlett looked great for her special day. You look great too. I love the silver flats.

Rachel said...

Great pics, it makes me excited for a trip to Savannah! You guys all look great and it is nice to see pictures of your parents.
My mom had our "special" dresses such as blessing and baptism dresses hanging on her wall, it sounds weird but it was cute, anyway I wouldn't recommend doing that with Scarlett's dress.

Caroline said...

Aww! I am glad I got to see the dress in person before it was ruined!
Savannah looks gorgous!
I have always wanted to go on a horse and buggy ride!

katherine said...

Sorry about the blessing dress--that darned newborn baby poop goes everywhere! Savannah looks like a beautiful city. I didn't realize gay pride parades were held so far south (just joking!). And Jessica's right your hair looks very lovely in the blessing picts.

Sarah Beck said...

savannah is what i picture the rich stereotypical south (cotton plantations, etc not jena, la.) it looks like a movie set or something. i couldn't imagine a city really looking like that. the blessing pictures are so cute. i'm sorry about the dress!

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I can't wait to come and visit you guys! Savannah looks even prettier than I remember. Plus, I'm dying to eat at Lady and Sons. And girl, you look great in all the pictures, as does Sandy. Please tell her I think she looks better than ever!

Sorry about that dress. Did you have any luck with the cleaners?

Jeanine said...

Great travel log Heidi. I love hearing about the life of a southern Belle. Its seems oh so glamorous. Seriously, it makes me want to move just a little bit. Good luck with the dress.

Meghan said...

How awful! I would have been in tears about that dress. It looked like it was beautiful though.
Savannah looks like an awesome place, very pretty pictures.

Jeni said...

Heidi, I met you just before ya'll moved from Tuscaloosa..my husband was starting his first year of law school last year. Anyway, I was writing to say that our mothers could be twins. I am not even kidding. TWINS. It's spooky to look at those pictures. The first time I saw a picture of your mom, I was trying to figure out how MY mom got in a picture with you! Crazy. I will post some on my blog for you to check out. Crazy!


I am so jealous of you living in Savannah. I love Tuscaloosa, but Savannah, man. THAT'S a beautiful place! Your kids are precious!

Jeni said...

PS..I don't know if you've ever considered freelance writing, but you should. You are such an entertaining writer! I thoroughly enjoy your stories...especially the list you had that talked about the lady at Wal-Mart telling you how to mother your kids..too funny, and oh, how I can relate!

Valoree said...

I love you're blog stories! So entertaining. Hate that about her dress! Let us know what happens with the cleaners and can't wait to see pictures of your house.