Wednesday, September 12, 2007

savannah, atlanta and the seafood lover in me!

we've arrived! we survived! but this whole eastern time zone fad needs to stop! you have to stay up WAY too late to watch david letterman or the colbert report!
we are mostly unpacked, but there are still a few things that need homes. what to do with all this stuff???
we like the house and neighborhood...

...but i think that our new house is haunted. both of these pictures have fallen off their perches since we moved in. both were quite secure, or so i thought. the large wedding picture was above the fireplace. scarlett was in her swing just below where the picture was hanging and it narrowly missed hitting her. glass shattered everywhere but not on her. there is no reason why the picture shouldn't have hit her. divine intervention. the other picture was on a shelf and just slipped off onto the floor this morning. someone is not happy about these two loud kids living in their house!

we had planned on arriving in savannah at around 4pm, but a huge thunderstorm followed us the whole way from montgomery. we arrived around 9pm. because of all the lightning, we weren't able to start unloading the van until midnight. reagan finally collapsed on the floor about 12:30am.

a young georgia fan in the making:

reagan adores scarlett(and her mickey mouse diapers). he really wanted her to wear this hat and was quite upset that she didn't like it. also, this is how the seating arrangement is in the kitchen while i am cooking. scarlett HAS to be in the bouncy seat and reagan HAS to be in her carseat on her left. there are no other options, if you ask reagan.

finally, last weekend we went to atlanta with thomas'seses mother so that she could go through the temple for the first time. i was the escort and i thought i was pretty special! susan was pretty special too. anywhoo. many thanks to the kilgore/giddens/robert brood for watching my two little pumpkins while we were at the temple. perhaps that is what put natalie in labor? congrats to the giddens familia!
atlanta temple
heidi and susan. can you tell that we had been in the car since 6:30am with 2 babies? yeah, we look pretty good considering all that!
son and mother. a very momentous occasion!

we went to carraba's for dinner while susu was here and thomas made the observation that sometimes baby does get put in the corner. haha! 10 points to whomever can tell me who played baby's daddy(another haha) in dirty dancing!

one time in college i was out to eat with my friend emily. she ordered the sole and i recall thinking, "yuck, fish! it must be cheap or something, she can't possibly like that!" but it's not cheap and she did like it! and i have since had sole stuffed with crab and also, talapia so i have figured out that pretty delicious and quite healthy if it is not drowned in sauce!!! since we live sososo close to the ocean, i have made it my goal to become a seafood lover. at carraba's i had the lobster ravioli and it was fantastico!


Thanaglim said...

Congrats on the move! Maybe we'll see each other at the temple sometime.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

You'll have to take more pictures of the house. Sounds like quite an adventure! I am terrified of moving before you even add kids into the mix.

Caroline said...

Wow-A lot of info in this post! I hate y'all had a late night moving! Did Thomas have any help this time?
Very exciting about the temple!!!!!
Love the seating arrangements and wow how scary about the ghosts! But I can see you totally handling that situation!

Sarah Beck said...

contrats susu! your new place looks incredibly nice even if it is haunted. i'm glad that my scarlett didn't get injured in the falling picture incident! and i don't think i could ever be a seafood fan. sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Lots of good updates! Sounds like everything is going really well for ya'll. Your house looks really nice. Can't wait to see more pictures! Love your strappy dress with the tee underneath!

Emily said...

woohoo ! i got a shout out! and i don't even remember eating sole? heidi, help me out here?

that is so cool that you got to go through the temple with thomas's mom for the first time. that IS special.

i'm so jealous you are in savanah. you gotta live it up while you are there for me. i would LOVE to be there right now. please take pictures of the city and all the stereotypical savanah porches (of the mansions of course) and beautiful southern scenery.

hautemama said...

em, we were at macaroni grill with a ton of people like nat and jess and maybe brooke? it was sometime while we were living in crown 5. all i remember is gens linton mooching off everyone's plate and he finished your dinner and you were understandably annoyed. how's is that for more info?

Debbie said...

Tag- You're it! Check out my blog!

Jessica said...

i HATE moving! i would be going NUTS with bad weather while moving. i'm not a very patient person and anything that would delay my arrival by 5 hours would have me on the verge of melting down.

that is so exciting about thomas' mom and that you got to be her escort. and like emily i'm totally envious that you're living in savannah. if you ever see paula deen, be sure and take a picture for the blog!

and finally, start thinking of a good weekend sometime next year for us to drive down and visit y'all!!!!!

Sarah said...

What a special temple trip! That is really cool. About that macaroni grill experience, I think I was there, if it was the time we went with Grant. Anyway, I'm glad y'all made it to Savannah safe and sound!

Lisa Brown said...

How fun to read your blog! It was great getting to know you last night, and we will definitely have to get our boys together.

PS. How old is your house? I wonder if it is haunted :) - you know that Savannah is supposed to be the most haunted city in the US. Craziness!