Friday, September 28, 2007

baby you can drive my car

this week i learned that reagan can open the door to my car, climb in and pretend to drive. while i should be alarmed, outraged, concerned, shocked, _______(insert parenting expression here), i was actually quite proud of how strong, tall and smart he is.

his faithful companion blanket was riding shotgun, of course.

also, because scarlett is three months old today, reagan decided that she could wear his paper hat that he got at the ymca today.

and then he had to wear it and make that weird face he always makes.

amazing! a picture of reagan wearing pants! my faithful readers know that at home, this is a rare occurence.


Emily said...

Hey girl! first of all i'm in love with scarlett. she has angel eyes. and second, is that a new car? it looks mighty fine with that leather. what is it? and is that the inside of you new house with the new fireplace? geesh! there is so much new stuff in your life. please fill me in. reagen looks like he is having a ball with his new little sister. how fun! when do we get to see each other?? are we going to have a crown reunion or what??!!?!?!?!?!?!

Debbie said...

Reagan is getting so big, and he looks just like Thomas! Scarlett is BEAUTIFUL!! (she must look like her mom) ;-)

Caroline said...

Scarlett eyes are gorgous!
I can't believe Reagan can open your car door. Just be careful-you don't want a repeat of Hudson's "driving" incident!
Reagen looks great in shorts! Y'all must have just gotten home! Haha!

Sarah Beck said...

I still think Whitney and Scarlett look a like at that age. I love her look when she has that hat on. Like: "this is crazy, but whatever, I'll go with the flow"

Meghan said...

Scarlett just keeps getting prettier with every picture. Reagan is such a good big brother.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I'm with you on your reaction to Reagan's feat: That's awesome - what a smarty pants!

And speaking of pants, yea for Reagan! And yea to you for being quick thinking enough to snap a picture for his posterity. You are such a good mom!

joe and jessica said...

Those munchkins are so adorable. I swear that I am going to update mine as soon as i remember my password to log in.

HappyNewYorker said...

Ava loves to drive too, but she also goes as far as to put the key in and play with the gear shift. I watched her once to see how far she'd go. I worry that she mights go all the way, but I'm also proud of her immating skills. Gotta watch these smart kids! And yes, Scarlett is gorgeous! You're gonna have to watch her!