Thursday, June 15, 2006

we love the hospital

reagan has never been sick in his whole 15 months of life. no ear infections, colds, colic or anything. he was, however, born 1 month early and spent 8 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. plus, since january, he has had 2 surgeries and 1 visit to the emergency room. the visit to the emergency room was today. reagan rolled off the edge of the bed and landed on his arm. both the bones were fractured in his left forearm. reagan is a champ; while i was running around hysterically, he was calm. he even stopped crying on the way to the hospital. i wish that i could say the same for myself. even while he was being examined, he was in good spirits. after some painkillers, he even wanted to play on the floor while we were waiting for the doctor. i don't know where he gets it. not from me. i was a basketcase for all 4 1/2 hours at the hospital. despite my shortcomings(i never thought my life would parallel britney spears), he will be fine. he keeps staring at his cast though, wondering why it is so heavy.


Jessica said...

poor little guy! that sling is so cute though. i would have been freaking out myself. since our car accident i've learned that i'm not very good in emergnecy situations. i'll keep you posted on when grace has to be taken to the emergency room. you, me and brittney are 3 of a kind. hahaha.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Oh my goodness! My mouth dropped when I started reading your entry. Please give Reagan lots of extra hugs and kisses. He looks so nonchalant a/b having his arm in a cast. What a stud!

And please tell Reagan how jealous I am! I've always wanted a cast, just so I could get everyone to sign it. Darn his luck! :-)

thomasheidisimpson said...

i too have always wanted i cast!!! when i was little i would put wet toilet paper around my arm and hope it would dry like a cast. sort of embarassing to admit.

right now reagan's cast is just white.(we haven't had any messes meals yet.) next week he is getting a new one and they are going to make it RED! i am going to try and add a big, black G!

Emily said...

Reagan doesn't even seemed phased by this in those pictures! what a trooper! I don't handle pain well, so props go out to him. Heidi, sorry for your tramatic day! but I'm sure you felt like you were the best mother in the world after watching that bra hanging out britney interview last night.

Caroline said...

That is so pitiful! I just knew something was wrong when I saw you were calling from a pay phone on Thursday! I'm glad he is taking it okay. How long will he be in the cast?
Accidents happen-don't feel like a terrible mom.