Thursday, June 22, 2006

martha stewart didn't have small children in mind with some of her recipes

i consider myself to be capable cook. i also subscribe to martha stewart living. put these two ingredients together(ha ha, recipe play on words) and i have a fun evening planned. i have never been a griller, but the vivid images in this month's issue lit my coals of excitement. i thought that i would do something relatively easy; marinaded steak and carrots, green peppers,and corn. my first lesson was that nothing is easy with a 15 month old that likes to run into the street. secondly, marinades sizzle. thirdly, vegetables cook fast. i think a good description for this meal would be "well-done". another pun!!!


Jessica said...

you make me laugh. i thoroughly appreciated all the food humour. this sounds like my house, except i don't even pretend to make meals anymore. mostly 'cause i'm lazy, but also because ethan and grace like to "help" too much.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

You are too funny. Will the day ever come when I too will be blessed with your wit, your humor, and your ability to turn out a pun at the drop of a hat?
sigh- A girl can dream, huh??

joe and jessica said...

Yours looks better than the first time Joe grilled. Our chicken was flaking it was so burnt. Black on the outside pink on the inside. The carrots look good. :)

Emily said...

hahaha. those carrots look like they would be tastey on snow man!!

heidi, i still owe you an email!! work has been unbelievably stressful lately.. i will fill you in.

Caroline said...

You just really know how to entertain! Those carrots are cracking me up!