Friday, June 30, 2006


this week playgroup was held at a local mcdonald's. it was very exciting as this mcdonald's is a brand new, top of the line mcdonald's with a huge indoor playroom. also, this is the site of the mcdonald's that ronald reagan visited way back in the 80's when he was campaigning for president. i thought it was only appropriate to take a picture in front of the ronald reagan shrine they had on display.

reagan wasn't nearly as excited about it as i was.


Jessica said...

thats really cool. was he more excited about playing on the playground? sounds like a fun playgroup to me!

addvant said...


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Emily said...

that micky-d's looks historic with those plaques and head manaquin.

Sarah said...

Heidi you are such a cute little mama! and reagan is adorable! i'll have to look your little brother up when i go back in the fall. jessica was telling me how cute he is and agreed that we should date