Sunday, May 21, 2017

may day may day week 1

1. i had my yearly hair cut and color.  i always promise myself i won't do that to myself anymore and have regular follicle maintenance but yet again, i dip my toes into the overgrown pond of polygamist stringy, dry untrimmed hair. 

it only took from 10-4. my follow up appointment is already scheduled. 

2. athena blythe had her end of school program honoring veterans. someday i will have a DSLR so that i can better capture these moments, but take a gander at this fantastic, yet slightly blurry shot of athena letting is all hang out. according to her teacher, she has two levels: on and off. this is on.

i'm coming to terms with the fact that i will be buying new clothes for my kids every 3 months. i bought this knee length dress in december. not exactly knee length anymore. 

3. a nice weather action shot: painting bargain bin leftover easter egg crafts on the back deck with hersch's personal plunger. 

5. the girls started swim lessons at the local swim club. they both want to join the swim team next year so were trying out this club to see if we can be physically ready in time. i love it because i get to hold a wriggly, fate tempting toddler for 40 minutes inside of a sweaty, humid indoor pool facility. wah wah. 

6. mother's day. i'm coming to terms with what i want mother's day to be for me. maybe someday there will be a day when i can completely kick back and do nothing and be served and waited upon hand and foot. i wish i could do that now, because i absolutely DREAM of that, but i can't sit back and watch when there are things to be done. perhaps this will give me martyr status to lord over my children someday. one more step in the direction of marie barone, i guess. thomas cooked dinner and got me bouquets PLURAL of flowers, and i took a great nap on the couch while the kids watched a terrible disney movie around me. i read a wonderful quote from a blogger of 3 special needs children whom i greatly admire for her honesty and sensibility and resilience and faith. she summed up my mother's day thought's perfectly. "mother's day is to celebrate women who labor in all sorts of impossible situations." and most days feel impossible. lots of good, but so much hard and messy and overdramatic. 

the best part of mother's day was watching reagan pass the sacrament for the first time. though reagan turned 12 in march, he had been resistant to passing the sacrament. i don't know why. passing the sacrament has been something that we've talked him doing for years, but when presented with the task, he was pretty adamant that he was NOT going to do it. our young men's presidency and bishop were very supportive and the bishop lent us some sacrament trays so that we could practice at home. finally, we told reagan that it was his time. thomas passed with him and guided him through the steps and made sure he felt confident in what he should do. thomas was proud and excited and it was such a blessing to watch them work together to serve the ward. i cried. A LOT. then reagan cried  A LOT because he couldn't go and sing with the primary kids. reagan may be the first kid in the history of the universe to balk a leaving primary for the young men's organization. nothing can be easy, can it?

and as good as it gets mother's day photos. 


HJolley said...

Happy Mother's Day! The best Mother's Day I ever had was last year when everyone left me alone and I read a book for 3 hours straight. 3 hours! I won't do that again until I'm dead.

Unknown said...

you are looking so fly with your new hair

defence samba said...

very true nothing is easy .