Saturday, May 07, 2016

let's talk about me

 a million things happened and i had my birthday. i have lots of birthday issues. it makes me feel awkward telling people about it though i love talking about myself. what does this all mean, sigmund freud?

back in the day, i used to always do a double workout on my birthday. since i've added another child to the family, i'm lucky to squeeze in a few workouts a week. i made sure i got up early to at least run. i listened to "eye of the tiger" for the full 30 minutes and pretended that i had the secret plans to the flux capacitor in my hands and i was obi wan kenobi's only hope!.

i had a couple of friends offer to throw me a birthday party. since we are on the brink of moving, i asked everyone to celebrate with me by boxing up my bookshelves and wall decorations. everyone was so excited to pack boxes, as you can well imagine! did you know they make queso blanco velveeta. they DO! and so i made a bunch of it and we ate it with lime chips and texas sheet cake with the dessert! and all my books got boxed up(even my cookbooks which proved troublesome this morning as my favorite pancake recipe is packed away)! it was a dream come true as packing boxes is my personal hell. so is watching basketball. i loathe basketball. march madness it literal for me. 

an unofficial action shot photo of the packing. my friends must really love me or they fear my mood swings. my mood swings scare me. i'm also afraid of dogs. i don't know who i am anymore!

the best baker at church happened to drop off this cheesecake because her son threw sand at athena blythe. i didn't refuse it but i don't think the sand affected her at all.

when my mom was in town, i had her make me some birthday blondies:

thomas and i went to dinner with some friends in buckhead. we ate outside because my grandma bonnie always likes to eat outside and i get that. i think eating outside burns more calories. 

then we checked something off my atlanta to do list: skyview ferris wheel. it was big! it was expensive! and kind of sweaty sitting in a little box and trying to make out all while there's another couple in your car, high above centennial olympic park! it would be easier to make out if they were perfect strangers, but they were actually our good friends, logan and paula. pogan. laula. i woudn't recommend it again. especially if you're afraid of heights and zombies. because if the zombie apocalypse happened and you're on the skyview and you're already sort of in a pretty terrible part of town, what do you do? shimmy down the rails of the ferris wheel, hope you don't get mugged outside the tabernacle and then die on I-85 in all the traffic that is always there, even at 3 in the morning. that's what!
where did all that come from?

sometimes when i actually do something fun like go out for my birthday in buckhead with all the fancy(pretentious/hipster) people of atlanta, i totally freeze on my outfit planning. what the heck? i think of a gabillion good outfits when i'm not going anywhere, but the minute i need to use my skills for good, i can't pull together a tube top at walmart. so, in my frustration, i took an old dress and tucked it into my favorite jeans. it wasn't great. do i drink and not know it?
then, because i'm married to a lawyer, thomas and i went back to his office and picked up a bunch a files for a fun weekend of doing whatever it is that lawyers do. lots of thinking and reading and writing. 

the sad part of our story:
see that gorgeous hair, next to that cute girl? farewell, only good thing i had going for me! hello, despair!

i've been jonesing for a cut for a long time because my hair is so damaged. i finally got in to my salon and asked for a particular cut. i got that particular cut. it's a great cut! it's only about 5 inches shorter than i thought i had communicated to my stylist. 10 inches total. darn it all to heck.

before                         after

i like the front. i don't like the back. sooooshort. i know it will grow back, just based on my knowledge of science, but having my hair right is important to me. i'm emotionally affected by my hair.

the universe also sent me a birthday gift: DOUBLE YOLKS! do you see it at the top!?

i look like someone just guessed my yahoo password.

my mom gave me birthday money, which is the best. i bought a jumpsuit. i'm into them. except for they need a warning label. 
WARNING: JUMPSUIT ADVISORY LABEL. if you are wearing a jumpsuit and holding a baby in a public place, it will be almost impossible to go to the bathroom. be the person who offers to hold the baby of a jumpsuit wearing mother in distress. 
i'm 36.


Melissa said...

Looks like hair lady gave you a lob. They're in style now, so along with your jumpsuit, you are totally hip. I owe dozens of moms cakes for poor boy behavior. Amazing someone actually brought you one! Happy birthday.

HJolley said...

Your make-up looks awesome in every single photo. Tutorial! Tutorial!!

And that is the most perfect-looking cheesecake I've ever seen. I wish someone would throw sand at my kids, but they are definitely always the sand-throwers. Sigh. Some moms have all the luck!

Ashley said...

Any kid is welcome to throw sand at Landyn as long as I get a cheesecake in return. But not Bri. Only Landyn. Also, your hair is gorgeous but is NOT the only thing you have going for you. Lucky. Happy late birthday!

Jessica said...

happy birthday!!!! there are always so many contenders for funniest line/caption in all of your blog posts, but i'm going to have to say that this post's best laugh out loud moment went to -- "i look like someone just guessed my yahoo password." hahahahaha. i'm so glad you have good friends there who were able to jump in and help with packing stuff up. :)

Lindsey said...


Emily Curfew said...

classic heidi. pure comedy. i love all about heidi posts.
let's schedule you a birthday every month - ya know - kinda like newborns who get celebrated each month milestone for the first year.
you deserve it.

Emily Curfew said...

and hahahah totally agree with jessica! that was prob my favorite line too.

if i were smart, and sneaky, i'd steal jokes from your blog every day and sell for big bucks to comedy central for material.