Thursday, May 12, 2016

dia de los madres

i just had the best mother's day. i'm normally the queen of low expectations. i just want a little bit of quietude and phil collins on repeat. since that's impossible, i want pictures of the kids and me, thomas and me, and a clean(ish) house. plus, minimal talks about perfect, never complaining mothers and more talks about the divine role of motherhood, whether you have kids or not and getting stuff done, no matter how you get it done. if the Lord is with you, you're doing it right. 

athena blythe with her preferred mother, mrs. heidi.

and then athena blythe with her real mother. 

i received a few gifts from my admirers.
a special dessert from scarlett: honey, grape jelly, and a 100 calorie pack of cookies. a delicacy.

reagan made me a sweet card. i'll probably keep it forever. his use of scissors has come a looooooooong way. 

thomas is a champion gift giver. he got me my favorite flowers in a pot so i can replant them at the new house and somehow, before Prince died, he got him to buy me a gift card to the container store. that man knows the way to my heart, Prince and organization. the piece de resistance was the tub of queso dip, because i really love queso dip. happy mother's day to me and my thighs. my favorite part of this mother's day was how low stress it was. thomas didn't have to work, i had recorded the remake of the parent trap and the girls watched it while i slept on the couch, pretending to watch it with them. then i ate more and more queso dip and some cake. what more could a girl want on a sunday afternoon?

real life mom moments

right before church, includes her arms and her legs. 

right after church, en masse photography.

hersch really likes peanut butter sammiches. we were completely out of food and once i tossed the loaf in the cart, he was on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm. he also bites through banana peels.

athena blythe routinely unmakes my bed at inopportune times. 

may the fourth be with you
the end


Emily Curfew said...

a laughed out loud reading *and seeing* Hersch diving face first for food in grocery cart. lol!!!!!!
and bam - just like that you are celebrating a mother's day with children who are growing up!!! Reagan and Scarlett look like they're ready for junior high or something.
that pic of you and thomas is pretty cute, needs to be framed for his desk. <3

HJolley said...

mother's day done right = no stress. love it. just lounging and not having to do anything is the best present there is. and a gift card from a recently deceased celebrity. that's going the extra mile.

Lindsey said...

That sounds soooo nice. I am at the part of my life where I will start eating/drinking what's in my cart (like in the Steel Magnolias grocery scene) before I buy it. So... chew on, Hersch.