Sunday, January 31, 2016

simpsons lately

last week of january tidbits:

southerners get really excited about small amounts of snow. for me,  i find snow infinitely beautiful in postcards and southern snow is great because it happens rarely and only last for about 37 seconds. we jumped around and when the novelty wore off, it was over. 

 ooooh. aaaah.

we drank hot chocolate and put our sweaters on. and then got too hot and sweaty and we went back to our regularly scheduled winter clothing of long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants.

scarlett made thomas and i breakfast one morning. it was ridiculously romantic. half a banana each and two straws in milk.

athena blythe news. she came home in her emergency clothes one day with this note. she thought it was hilarous but it's kind of gross when you really think about it. 

herschel developments: high chair escape artist. 

dishwasher emptier:

cardboard box living:

house hunting. this is a possibility, except for it has a drive under garage. carrying all the groceries up from the basement sounds terrible. but it's pretty. that's important too.  

herschel as abraham from the walking dead. don't call us on sunday night starting feb 14th. that's free date night.

we go to the park or the library when scarlett is at her drama class. i wish i had gotten a better picture of athena blythe's backside. she had sat on a purple marker in her carseat and then poured water all over herself and it looked like a huge brown stain on her bum. and it stained her skin too. poetry in motion. 

our street:

 modern art

reagan had to put together a puppet show as one of the requirements in order to earn his religious knot for scouts. scarlett helped him out and it was darling. these two puppets are explaining the resurrection of Jesus Christ. naturally. 

we made it to church with one minute to spare today. i took this screen capture at the exact moment that we were BIS, bums in seats: 

herschel likes to make the sacrament meeting rounds, finding anyone who will pick him up:

scarlett gave a talk in primary on the importance of scripture reading and blythe VOLUNTEERED to do the scripture and prayer. apparently, every week she lines up to give a talk because the girl has never met a microphone or spotlight she didn't crave.
we will never be those people that can take family pictures each sunday. but we got a few willing participants today:

sunday night dessert. cake pops. nailed it. 

the aliens that read this post will probably conclude that i was NOT burned as a witch because my kitchen magic conjuring skills are so poor. these are obviously the product of non-magic kitchen ineptness.

thomas and i went on a date last night to eat chipotle and see creed at the dollar theater. we're trying to commit to the cheapest dates possible because paying for a babysitter is so dang expensive with 4 kids and i completely happy with consistently delicious, inexpensive food. but chipotle is always good and i love rocky movies so i am recommitted to all my fitness goals. rocky just does that to me. "every champion was a contender that refused to give up." rocky balboa


Jessica said...

cake pops. nailed it! hahahaha. sounds like it's been a fun month. :) and that sunday family picture is perfection. like seriously, if you had thrown herschel in the mix, i would say you've got your christmas card picture for the year already.

Emily Curfew said...

really cute church picture of kids! i would have never known how difficult it was to get a pic of 3 kids before church prior to having my own children.

how come you're not showing me ALL your house hunts!?!?!? Love that house, and i'm noticing that is the predominate style of all the outer perimeter north homes i'm searching -- which i'm not mad at AT ALL. Love the stately colonial brick homes. But, come on, what MAN architect thought it was a good idea to have a basement garage??!!?!?!!? Not only carrying grocery... but even worse, lugging a baby plus a carseat up stairs each time you get home.

Emily Curfew said...

oh. and super adorable pic of you and thomas's breakfast date. <3

lrbodine said...

That house is gorgeous! But you would need an elevator with that basement garage. (I feel like women should always design houses and not men). Adorable kid picture!

Lindsey said...

Such cute pics!! I want those cake pops.