Sunday, January 10, 2016

resolutions and happenings

my favorite thing to do on new year's day is to go for an early morning run. so i did. and i got a terrible cold that lasted for a week so i wasn't able to meet my goal of running 4 mornings a week. but this week is another week so i get to try again.
my other resolutions include:

no junk food january(basically anything processed or anything that has refined sugar)

no potato chips for a year. i don't normally eat a ton of potato chips, but when i am around them, i eat all the potato chips. especially ridgy chips with homemade ranch dip.

reading the book of mormon as a family every day and finishing it in one year. 

4 half marathons

squat 150lbs for 10 reps, max out at 175lbs

say no to things i can't do or other people need to opportunity to do and avoid getting bogged down in too many activities

go to bed at 10:30pm. because this is a major problem for me when thomas is normally getting home from work at that time.

say yes to being fun with the kids! 

pat myself on the back moment: i set a goal of being prepared by reading all the scripture assignments for both sunday school and relief society lessons last year, every week. i did it! i slipped up a few times but i was consistently accomplishing this task all year long. it was an incredible year for spiritual growth and preparation. this is why i believe in resolutions, because that goal is now a habit and i look forward to my lessons each week because i'm prepared. 

example of saying yes to being fun, these delightful looking new year's pancakes! that i couldn't partake of because of no junk january. wah wah.

in other happenings, i took all 4 kids to a thrift store, which is normally a bit of a nightmare. i needed a dress for an 80s themed 40th birthday party for a friend. we did it! they are so darling sometimes.
(scarlett's favorite pants. they're my favorites on her too.)

the finished product! i could never master big hair when i was a youth in the 80s but i think i nailed it as a 35 year old mother of 4. it's a little bit jon bon jovi and a touch kylie minogue and 100% totally radical.

thomas made all my hopes and dreams come true by dressing up as magnum PI for the party. tom selleck is probably my longest crush and i've always wanted thomas to grow a beard or a mustache like tom selleck. for the party, thomas sharpied a nice thick one on his face and now i no longer have that wish. he looked just like his dad and it kind of weirded me out because i have no desire to kiss thomas's dad on the lips. but thomas is still my dream come true.

final note, we went to a baptism last saturday. reagan didn't want to change out of his sweatpants and into church pants. no one does, reagan, no one does! so he didn't:
the end


Emily Curfew said...

you and tom selleck look awesome.

and the most impressive accomplished goal to me is a year full (and habit created) of preparedness for each church meeting. that is one of my goals i wrote down last night was to read Book of Mormon this year with the sunday school class lessons, even tho i was recently called to the church circus - i mean primary - so my sundays look a LOT different these days.

happy new year!!!

Lindsey said...

Awesome!! You are inspiring! Reagan's sweatpants = true grit.

Jessica said...

i love reading about people's resolutions! i find it so inspiring, and weirdly productive -- as if i PERSONALLY am going to accomplish all the goals that everyone sets. hahahaha.

Julie said...

Oh Reagan, I love him so. He makes me LOL;-).

lrbodine said...

Sexy dress! Can you please leave the South and come run with me? I only have the goal of 1 half this year and to try and relay and a triathlon (sprint). I already have failed at no junk January but maybe February will be better! Love your goals.