Thursday, June 12, 2014

christmas in june

end of the year festivities knocked me out this year. it's like christmas in june! all sorts of celebrations and preparation that you are crazy busy having fun! and i'm not the only one worn out by it:
yes, blythe is trying to change her own diaper without taking off her clothes.

 scarlett had her dance recital that required full stage make up. i did my best, but make up is simply not my forte.
before, delightful child who does smiles awkwardly on command:

 i did her dress rehearsal make up in the front seat of the car in a parking lot while reagan was inside the dentist's office, so it's not merely a question of make up application ability, but sweaty circumstances too. bless her heart, she is so naturally beautiful(if i can say so myself, and i do!) but my terrible make up job looks like carol burnett's miss hannigan from annie.

for the real deal i hardly put any make up on her at all. it was the right choice.

scarlett goes to a great dance studio here in town where they concentrate on actual ballet technique and skill and zero booty shaking, trampy dancing.

 i'm a proud mama. she is my own little slice of delightful weirdo.

 afterward we had a family dinner downtown, ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!

in other last week of school news, i was stumped again on what to get our teachers for their last day of school gifts. i had scarlett ask her teacher what she would like as a dessert and she reqested my brown sugar apple tarts. i made them the night before and gave her a tupperware on her way out the door. later that day i pulled the tupperware full of extras out of the fridge and saw that all the tarts looked like this:
it looked like a tupperware full of barf. i hope her teacher did not take the tarts as an insult. oh, bless. now i know apple tarts do not refrigerate and travel well. 

first day of school:

last day of school:
needless to say, everyone has grown, but scarlett's legs have grown the most of all. 

they really do like each other.

i surprised them on the last day with ice cream(and reagan's customary bowl of toppings) for dinner! my best parenting idea to date!

final notes. 
blythe emptied and entire industrial size jug of bubble bath in a bath she drew for herself. 
*note, not a crime scene

 summer vacation has started well with a few fun activities mixed in with grocery shopping and whatnot.

we even have a dollar summer movie jar. mostly for looking at. occasionally quarters are earned for movie admission.
this is how our first visit went. (and yes i did put all the kids to bed at 715 one night. it felt fantastic!)
i'm not sure if we will be welcome at next week's summer movie showing after blythe gymnastic and pyrotechnic show. jumping from the top of one seat and hitting the seat in front of her face on.

that's it!


HJolley said...

I want to join in on your summer fun! That all sounds great! What do your kids have to do to earn quarters for the dollar movie? That is a great idea!!

Jess said...

Fun in Simpsonville! Hope this week is a little less eventful. :)

Lindsey said...

Your kids are so beautiful and growing up so fast! The bloody nose thing and crime scene were the highlights for me.