Monday, June 16, 2014


stuff i've thrifted recently and a story.

thrifting is either feast or famine and i've been feasting on the local clothing castoffs of late. i've been jonesing for a jumpsuit because they're so trendy this summer and BOOM! hidden between somebody's grandma's two piece powder blue floral applique wedding suit and a only lightly worn orange prom dress was the jumpsuit of my dreams:

wide leg
black and gray
leopard print

then i spied this little ann taylor 100% silk number:
perfect fit

 then a few weeks ago i stumbled upon this dress. black jersey wrap dress from express circa WAAAAAY back in 2001. my beastie, natalie, owned this dress and i wore it every chance i could get. when i spied it upon the goodwill rack, my heart dropped to my stomach and the lyrics to soul decision's faded popped into my head. seeing that dress was like having my own personal delorean  transport me back to summer of 2001 in provo, utah, crashing as many wedding receptions as possible. 

dress= $6.25
college memories= priceless
forgetting after 13 years that you have to wear a black slip under this wrap around dress because all it takes is one breeze and everyone downtown in front of the family pizza restaurant just got to know your personally= completely mortifying

also completely mortifying:
blythe in any public place. 
i'm not easily embarrassed, but blythe has become completely uncontrollable and unpredictable in any place with people, clothing racks, or merchandise. heck, church of all places is the absolute worst. we lasted 6 minutes today before i had no choice but to haul her screaming body over my head out to the foyer. and we were actually on time today! this past week's goodwill visit was especially heinous because of her antics. i was finally able to make it to the check out line with my purchases when a goodwill worker got on the intercom and started to SINGLE ME OUT for not having control of blythe. first i thought it was just be, "parents control your children" then it turned into an itemized list of every place we had been in the store. "please don't let your children climb out of your cart", "please do not allow your children to climb underneath racks", "do not allow your children to play with the toys", "please do not let your children run down the aisles", and on and on and on. then she said, "please remove your child from the bicycles" as i was pulling blythe off the children's bicycles. as if i have ANY control over blythe whatsoever. and when did goodwill get so hoity toity with a code of conduct! i keep hand sanitizer in my car at all times just for goodwill visits! in retaliation, i plan on going to goodwill next week EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. because come on, it's goodfreakingwill. 

final note:
scarlett is planning on being invited to diddy's white party this year and rocking it.


Jessica said...

hahahahaha. i love that last pic! and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! i can't BELIEVE you found natalie's dress!!!!! i LOVED that one, too. only i don't think i ever had the right body type to pull it off, but i coveted it nonetheless. i was with her when she bought it -- a black easter dress. daring. and so cutting edge. i miss the days of a communal college closet. and seriously -- come on goodwill. don't let your children play with the toys?? please. that's the only way i can drag my kids in there.

HJolley said...

that pic of scarlett should probably be framed. and i love all of your finds!

Rachelle Marshall said...!!

Lindsey said...

That's awesome about Natalie's dress! Makes me revisit my own BYU days with your sis. Scarlett looks AWESOME.

Emily Curfew said...

control freak on the loud speaker.
that jumpsuit looks super comfy and cute. i'd wear it!

Jess said...

best post ever!!