Thursday, May 01, 2014

happy birthday to MEEEEEEEE and blythe

oh, sweet baby mine!

i would love you even if you didn't look like a cross between smurf and a tolkien-style elf when you wear a knit cap.

i feel complete bliss when i look at this picture. i want to nuzzle your cheeks with my nose and pick out your baby boogers with my pinky nail. 

every family needs a blythe. it's a good thing she loves hand sanitizer because she also loves the baby toys at goodwill. she's going to have the immunity of a bulldog. snotty nose is just part of the deal.

i love her, and yet i fear her. i've fallen into the trap of yelling, "JUST LET BLYTHE DO IT!" pretty much every time i want a fight amongst the children to end. and i've said it to thomas too on numerous occasions.  

"parents are not interested in justice, they are interested in quiet!" -bill cosby

this past 6 months, i started taking blythe to mother goose on the loose at the library. i forgot for the first year of her life that i was supposed to be doing those types of brain-empowering things like library time and what-not. once we started going, we were hardcore about it. we didn't miss a week! 
but then miss julie started attending at the same time we did. and blythe forgot about me! ME! the woman who sacrificed her skin elasticity to birth her! i still can't fit into some of my pre-blythe pants and i NEVER WILL! so i ended up going to mother goose and blythe would go sit on miss julie's lap while i sat by myself like some creeper who hangs out at the child's area of the library by herself. my own child didn't want to be seen with me. 
look at the smug look on julie's face! 

and then miss donna. blythe's first music idol. we talk about donna all the time. each time we go to the library, blythe starts looking for her and bangs on doors of rooms she thinks she might be in. 
"dah-nah! weh ah oo?"

blythe likes mickey mouse shaped chicken and mickey mouse on tv and minnie mouse and mickey mouse on her clothes. she calls mickey, cooka. i'm not sure why she can easily say minnie, but mickey is absolutely cooka and that is it. 

and she and i both love the small potatoes interstitials. because singing potatoes with british accents is high quality stuff.

she likes to wear a backpack filled with diapers wherever we go. 

cooka cake:

blythe's favorite people, Sissy or SeeSee and Buddy. i hope she always calls them that. 
everyone in their favorite outfit. blythe normally prefers to be au natural, so she is reluctantly wearing a diaper. seesee is wearing an old scarlett o'hara dress up i "sewed" a few years ago. and buddy is still wearing those horrible, too short athletic pants and church socks. grandpa chic. 

we're really tight.

and since it was my birthday too, here is a picture of me and my crazy long hair. 12 months since last cut. and that's directly due to blythe too. you can actually hear my split ends crackling when i walk quickly, like corduroy pants on a chubby two year old. 
my last year's birthday goals included really clean floors and abs that can be seen from space. neither of those came to fruition long term. i came close on one occasion to visible abs, but then i recovered from the flu and i stopped being dehydrated. bittersweet. and my floors are occasionally delightfully clean at night and a mess by time breakfast is done the next morning. vicious cycle.

holla! can we bring holla back now that i'm 34 and completely ensconced in being too old for hip sayings?


Jessica said...

chubby two year old wearing corduroy. hahahahaha. i laughed out loud with that line. happy birthday once again! and wait a second -- you and blythe share a birthday??? how did i not know that? she is adorable and i love the shot of the 3 of them together in their favorite outfits. :)

HJolley said...

June also sits on someone else's lap at library time. and at church. and pretty much everywhere she can. So i feel you there.

Great post! loved the picking nose with pinky finger comment. because we all love to do it but no one says it.

Julie said...

I love that I've now been referenced TWICE on your blog! I'm becoming famous. But ugh, iphone pictures are the worst! You never really know if you're actually being included in the picture or not nor the precise moment the picture is being taken. Dreadful.

Emily Curfew said...

heid heidi heidi. you make me laugh so much!!!!

with that sassy long hair you should be a power ranger.