Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8 days a week

times they are a'changing. but the more things change, the more they stay the same. 
a couple of weekish recap:

scarlett passed her 30 math problems in 3 minutes test. bless scarlett's heart, this was a TRIAL for her. we worked and studied and she would be able to pass her practice tests with ample time to spare and then she would go take the actual test and get 29/30. week after weeeeeeeek. in my efforts to encourage scholastic excellence, i promised her a trip to the ice cream station on the day she passed the test. 

well, mission accomplished.

and the kid who does not like ice cream got a milk shake and tolerated our presence. 
 this day was the same day we had the first part of reagan's IEP meeting at the school. big things could be happening. reagan has qualified for a satellite autism program at another school. we just need to decide if the program and the school change will make a big enough difference for him. there are lots of factors involved and it breaks my heart to think that scarlett and reagan may attend different schools but it could be a really great opportunity for him. there are two school options and i'm touring one of the school possibilities tomorrow. unfortunately, the other school choice is the one we are "officially" zoned for but it is a terrible school and is far away from our house and in the opposite direction of where scarlett will go. so, the choice may already be made if they don't relent on where reagan can attend. so, there's that to think about. 

i think i had my last official "rock blythe to sleep for her nap" session. now my life is over. i shall mourn this passing for the rest of my life. nothing will ever be the same. the sun isn't quite so bright. flowers wilt when i look at them. when i turn on the radio, all is hear is noise(which has always been true. pop music is terrible these days and naturally my kids LOVE it.)

mother's day. pretty accurate capture. reagan smirking and stimming(repetitive body movement that can calm the senses) with a pencil, scarlett crying because i had accidentally stomped her toe, blythe blything it up. i'm a proud mother.
i've wanted a magic bullet since reagan was a newborn and i would watch the infomercials for it during the middle of the night. well folks, this was the magical year i finally got one! happy mother's day indeed. now i can cook even MORE food the kids don't want to eat! at least i like it.

 scarlett has been on a bit of a stars wars kick lately. especially return of the jedi. we've watched more than some people bathe. she's come up with some classic questions and commentary,
"why does princess leia wear metal underwear?"
"why is she laying on jabba the hut?"
"han solo doesn't like hugging ewoks, but he doesn't want to hurt their feelings."
"the emperor must not want to scare children, so he covers his face up."

blythe has been the most constipated child i have ever had. just can't seem to work things out lately. this is her hiding and embarrassed inside a rack at old navy, biding her time with her arms folded for leverage.

saturday morning she woke up at 430am screaming her little heart out because of the pain. i guess i spoke to soon about rocking her to sleep, but this was less enjoyable than before. 
thankfully, things started mooooving along later that evening. but it was a pretty pathetic day. plus, poor thomas has been getting home from work around 11pm each night and going in at 730 each morning, so between the two of us we are going on negative integer sleep each night and this is just what i look like now, half dead. 

 my mom used to always take pictures of us in the bathtub. i am now officially a mom.

and finally, 
this just motivates me to paint all that much more. i've already scheduled the carpet cleaners. this was the last straw and they were already waaaay overdue. 
and on the 8th day, satan created beige carpet.

i'll break it down forensically for you, like the crime scene that it is:
the big kids were dutifully cleaning their rooms and bathroom so that we could commence friday fun. i was so proud of those little whiners because this was the fastest they had ever worked on cleaning up. 
all the while the marker thief started by dotting the carpet and moved steadily onto, striping the carpet, and then finalized her work with large sweeping strokes on the wall. 

 and that's a wrap.


HJolley said...

Reagan doesn't like ice cream? What? That ice cream station looks awesome. I want to live there.

Poor Blythe. And you. Sleep is the best activity of the day.

Emily Curfew said...

i always smile & giggle reading your post. you are way better mommy comedian than what i've seen on youtube, maybe start your own channel??

i just love your perspective, and i am learning from you to just figure out the funny perspective when kids are being kids and i want to scream all the way to china.

congrats to scarlett on passing her test, are you sure she really couldn't pass with her eyes closed and just wants that extra ice cream incentive? she sounds pretty smart to me with all those star wars questions. hahaha

and good luck choosing the right program for reagan. i'm just so happy you have the school's attention know and getting testing/placement for him.

and oh my! i can imagine the heartbreak of last baby rocking days! its my favorite part of motherhood. I rocked Pearce until she was 3 because then Henry was born. I love holding those sweet babies at night when they aren't trying to jump out of arms, and actually seem like they love you more than anything in the world.

love you cute heidi mama.

Lindsey said...

Oh man. You are a great mother. I just want to say that.

Jessica said...

negative integer sleep -- hahaha PERFECT way to describe it. i know that feeling. all this talk of rocking babies to sleep is making me feel like a loser mom! i only rock'em to sleep until they're 4 months old and then mercilessly put them in their cribs to start them on their sleep training. perhaps i've been a bit hasty...