Sunday, December 22, 2013

november non sequitur

does this post need words? 
shopping with scarlett. she is not opposed to spending a lot of time trying things on in the dressing room. and then dancing in them. you've always got to be able to dance. 

always funny. 

dance recital awesomeness!

Friedrich Nietzsche"

well, good news mr. nietzsche, we have enough chaos to birth the rockettes so stardom is imminent. 

i wanted to paint this door.
so, i ate a bunch of chocolate chips...
and i did.
i used a gel paint for a high gloss finish but the actual paint was a total pain. the finished product was what i wanted, but if you look closely, it's not a smooth as i would have liked and there are a few visible brush strokes even though the paint is advertised to not show brush strokes. i plan on replacing the gold hardware with silver and adding a kickplate. i know that gold is all the rage these days, but i just really like silver. 

then as i was finishing up, blythe fell down the front brick stairs but the only thing that hit brick was her face. 

later in the month, my mother flew in, heather and daniel drove up from florida and my little family drove to north carolina for thanksgiving with my uncle sherman and family.

heather and i ran in a 5k. but we had to wait a bit in the car before it started. there's not much to do when it's 24 degrees at 7am in the morning when the race starts at 830, but we kept ourselves occupied.

(heather, me, cousin cami)
it could have been one of my best races ever if it weren't for all the dang slow people with strollers WALKING the course. i made some new friends that day. 

board games were popular. 

a few people took the games a little more seriously than the rest of us. 

i got sick during dinner...
and i later finished my meal by myself.

hilarity ensued.

just the three of us: heather, me and my zit. 

these are my aunt susan's cabinets. 
her whole house is this level of organized all the time. i think i can do it too! (when i live alone in a cave.)

first haircuts:

look at this darling baby!!!

we did this a few times just for laughs:

and the babies fought more than a few times. fighting as in fist cocked back, open palm face slaps and rolling around on the floor. 

back at our house, heather and daniel put together the best treasure hunt of all time. 

more baby fighting

the biggest highlight was running with my sister. same topics, same grievances, we're still perfect. 


Thomas said...

Look at you. fun.

Lindsey said...

I loved this whole thing. I love watching the June/Athena Blythe fights. IDK why they are my fave.

Jessica said...

i wish i were part of your family, too! and i would have LOVED to have been a part of the 5 gossipy miles avec vous et votre soeur. {BAM! what?? google translator.}

hope y'all have a merry christmas!

HJolley said...

I think Jessica just spoke better French than you and I ever did.

It sure was fun! My favorite was when you ate Thanksgiving solo. The true way to celebrate the holidays.

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