Saturday, November 30, 2013

did i touch up my roots for this?

christmas cards are probably just not going to happen this year because my family is full of uncooperative, combative twerps who hate synchronized smiling and wearing nice clothes so we have to resort to wearing sport teams apparel and even then the pictures still turn out terrible.

80% okay

not bad but not good. everyone looks acceptable but reagan. he looks like he has a mouth full of spit waiting for a victim.

scarlett feeling evangelical

my mom thinks she is so funny:

the bomb has been dropped:

we have touchdown:

the mushroom cloud is forming:

thomas is not amused:

the end is near:

my absolute favorite of reagan:

oh the humanity!

there are no survivors

and this is the picture reagan begged me to take after he finally finished throwing his fit about NOT wanting to be in any family pictures.

i may have some nice head shots of myself made and send those in a nice card accompanied a christmas paragraph  all about me instead of a family letter since i am the only one who actually wants this to happen.
the end.


Jessica said...

hahaha. love it! why is that only the mom cares about getting a decent christmas card picture???

Emily Curfew said...

...laughing all the way... bahahahhaa

Lindsey said...

Love these. Love.

Julianne said...

This made me laugh a whole lot.