Saturday, September 28, 2013

the day i tried really hard to just say yes

when it's easier to say no all the time, sometimes you have to plan to say yes.

friday was yes day.

i let blythe run around the library like a crazy banshee. i normally never take her there because it's too busy and she destroys everything and she ALWAYS poops in her pants during checkout. i took her when no one was there and let her do her thing and i just followed closely behind and picked things up in her wake.

my great friend, jessica, from waycross surprised me by coming in town yesterday and we went to lunch at my favorite place and i let blythe eat junk to her heart's content. i also said yes to eating to my heart's content and i didn't enter a single thing into myfitnesspal. YES!

after we picked up the big kids we had friday fun at the park!

yes to glorious fall weather!

the key to say yes to things day is to not tell them you're going to say yes, just let them think they are finally getting their way in everything. 

blythe sitting on the dog pillow makes me cringe, but i said yes(for a few disgusting minutes)
blythe still loves the dog and we've had zero takers on our free dog offer. 
i finally am going to put away that embarrassing card table. i finally said yes to myself getting some new/used patio furniture! 

i said yes to tracking down this movie instead of suggesting something we already own. from the few minutes i was allowed to watch in between cleaning up and general mom duties, it was pretty good.
i also said yes to eating a pizza picnic in the living room for movie night. that was nearly as painful as saying yes to popcorn in the living room. i also said yes to the kids picking up each and every errant kernel of popcorn on the floor.
axis and allies united and we all won today.


Master P said...

Best post about parenting that I've ever read anywhere. Seriously brilliant!!!

Jessica said...

i love this idea!!! especially the part about not telling the kids what's going on. hahahahaha. my kids would probably think i had switched places with a much nicer look-alike. :)

Jess said...

Love it! Gonna give it a try.