Sunday, September 09, 2012

occasionally inviting

recently my saint of an aunt asked me to make being a mother of 3 look "occasionally inviting". i guess i am guilty of being stressed out all the time and not enjoying the chaos. i took that request to heart. for the past couple of weeks i tried to take pictures of the really good moments with my kids.  i didn't take a single picture of me laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, praying for a few extra hours of solitude before the kids get up and i rejoin the chain gang. 

reagan has gotten really, really good at immediately doing his homework as soon as his comes home from school. incentive parenting really works for us. and he's lucky enough to be a lefty, just like his mom. 

scarlett has taken to riding around in the jeep in the backyard with her backpack still strapped on.  she likes to make a loop and then park when she gets home. i also think it's her homework avoidance technique. 

my tiny dancer. she likes to put on shows and have me record them.

this baby likes to pass gas in the liberry. babies passing gas in quiet settings never gets old. it's always funny. especially with that sweet, little innocent face.
was that me?

scarlett loves to help with the recycling. she tosses the plastic bottles with such gusto that sometimes they hit the side of the bin and come back and hit her on the forehead. it's hilarious. i need to get a video of her multiple attempts to get a bottle in the slot. 

 i love putting this baby down to sleep(and more than just because i get to be alone and sneak ice cream and cookies and not have to hide in a closet to enjoy them) because this baby has the cutest little bum and she rolls over on her side and goes straight to sleep. i just turn off the lights and shut the door. 

i even enjoy her when she's awake. she's quite the talker. and eater. and drooly kisser. and hair puller. she makes me want another one. i'm looking into my kidnapping options. 

i can't help but like these people. even with my naturally cynical, sarcastic disposition, they have won me over. no one is getting voted off the island this week. 

scarlett to reagan today, "if you marry someone else, i'll really miss you."

so, yeah. sometimes my life is occasionally inviting. 


Jessica said...

"no one is getting voted off the island this week." hahahaha. love it. a very inviting family indeed. :)

HJolley said...

Great post. Wish we lived closer.

Emily Curfew said...

so what's the big incentive to get reagan to do his homework right after school??

and that is cute that Scarlett said she'd miss Reagan if he'd marry someone else. really sweet.