Monday, August 27, 2012

swiftly flow the days

sunrise, sunset
swiftly flow the days

but not THAT swift. this summer was fun but LONG. towards the end i was trying to decide whether to give up sleep or grossly lower my expectations of what i can accomplish in a day. 

school started much to my chagrin and delight. i was excited for the big kids but at the same time i know that no one will love them like i do. i don't want rotten kids influencing them. on sunday night thomas gave them both priesthood blessings and i was so anxious that i got one of my own too. this school year is as much mine as it is theirs. each time i receive a comfort and inspiration in the form of blessing from my dear husband i realize a little bit more how lucky i am. sweet is the peace the gospel brings. 

lunch by request:
1. water bottles. my kids do not like juice boxes
2. bagels with cream cheese. sammiches are passe.
3. grapes. everyone's fave fruit and choking hazard.
4. brownie cupcakes. the easiest way to transport brownies. and the top is like one big corner piece. and i love me a corner piece. 

is this the little girl i carried?
is this the little boy at play?
i don't remember growing older,
when did they?

reagan didn't seem that keen on his dorky, embarrassing parents walking him to his classroom. such is the life of a 2nd grader.

what's so dorky and embarrassing about a flying baby with her sleeper unsnapped and flapping in the breeze?

scarlett walked into her kindergarten classroom like a champ and didn't look back. i stood there for a while and stared at her until it seemed bit awkward for the rest of the class. 

they don't even need me anymore.
confession: i miss them


Julie said...

EXACTLY! (love the flying, half-undressed baby picture)

Jenna said...

Sniff! You said it perfectly.